Exploring the Finest Foreign Cars Manufactured in India!

10. AUDI A4 Sedan

The Audi A4 is a luxurious sedan with a powerful 140 kW engine. It offers spacious legroom and comes in stunning colors. It's ideal for cruising on wide roads and enjoying the thrill of speed.

09. AUDI A6

Audi produces cars in Aurangabad. The Audi A6 offers a top-notch sound system, LED lights, and smartphone integration. It's great for newcomers to luxury cars or those looking for a cautious start.

08. VOLVO XC90

The XC90 sports car stands out with its exciting design and exceptional features. Its LED headlights and roomy interior impress, while its powerful diesel engine boasts 235 BHP.

07. Jaguar XE

The venture in Pune, Maharashtra is now thriving, with factories producing models that have stylish colors and superior taillights.

06. BMW-5 Series

This car, made in Chennai, offers ample space and legroom both in the front and back. It's perfect for showcasing your vibrant personality or gifting to a younger loved one.

05. Mercedes-Benz GLS

With blind spot assist, lane assist, air suspensions, and a panoramic sunroof, it's an ideal road trip buddy!


Built in Chennai, the BMW 7 series impresses with a 265 BHP engine, luxurious Nappa leather seats, elegant wooden trim, and captivating details.

03. Jaguar XJ

Established in 2011, the Indian factory became popular for its feature-rich cars. With seat massagers, automatic blinds, and foldable business tables, these vehicles offer unparalleled luxury.

02. Mercedes-Benz S Class

Mercedes-Benz now manufactures these cars in India at the Chakan factory. They feature a 360-degree surround camera, reclining rear seats with foot support, automatic parking, and more.

01. Maybach S500

Owned by Mercedes-Benz, this is one of the best luxury cars manufactured in India. It's made in Chakan, Pune, near Pune. Its Famous for its classy design.

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