Exploring the 10 Most Impressive Fire Trucks in the World!

10. CAS 30

Three water cannons and two hoses can shoot 790 gallons per minute. Its tanks store 1200 gallons of water and 50 of fire-fighting foam.

09. Lion 4×4

It can go over any terrain and speed from 0 to 50 mph in 25 seconds. It features external cameras, 360-degree vision touch screens, and numerous controllers. Water tanks hold 1500 gallons.

08. MT Airport Buffalo

It can discharge 925 gallons of water per minute from its 600-gallon water and 200-gallon foam tanks. It has a 480 horsepower motor, 115-pound powder extinguishing system, and four seats.

07. Falcon 6

It can spew 2 600 gallons per minute up to 295 feet from its 3 400-gallon water tank, 410-gallon foam tank, and 100-gallon powder tank. 1020 horsepower powers the 75-mph engine.

06. Panther 6×6

It can release 2300 gallons of water every minute from its 3,700-gallon tank. It boasts a 328-foot-range twin water expulsion system.

05. Ziegler z6

It can speed from zero to fifty miles per hour in twenty-eight seconds and store 3,700 gallons of water, 440 gallons of foam, and 115 pounds of powder.

04. Lion 6×6

Its tanks carry 3 700 gallons of water, 450 gallons of foam, and 115 pounds of powder, and its powerful water cannons can eject 2 600 gallons per minute.

03. Tigon

The upper water cannon can blast 2,500 gallons per minute from 330 feet, while the front can shoot 525 gallons from 230 feet.

02. Magirus Super Dragon x8

Its tanks store 4,500 gallons of water and 660 liters of firefighting foam, and its 1120 horsepower engine can reach 85 mph. Its main water cannon can shoot nearly 2,600 gallons per minute.

01. Felix 8×8 titan

It has a 64-foot hydraulic arm with a water cannon that can eject 2,000 gallons per minute and a drilling mechanism that can discharge 290 gallons per minute into structures or airplanes.

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