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10. Hardik Pandya’s Penthouse in Vadodara

Hardik Pandya's Vadodara penthouse has four 6,000-square-foot units. The property features modern interiors to suit everyone. The mansion is assessed at 3.6 Crores.

09. Ravindra Jadeja’s Jamnagar Bungalow

Ravindra Jadeja lives in a four- story Jamnagar home. Traditional and classical furnishings provide a regal atmosphere. The house costs roughly 10 Crores.

08. Sourav Ganguly’s Palatial House

Behala's largest and best-decorated residence is Sourav Ganguly's. His mother's peaceful nature is reflected in the interiors' soft colors. House prices exceed 10 Crores.

07. Suresh Raina’s Ghaziabad House

Suresh Raina's Rajnagar, Ghaziabad residence contains black and white granite surfaces that match the house's style. 18 Crores is the anticipated house price.

06. Sunil Gavaskar’s Isprava villa in Goa

Sunil Gavaskar's 5000-square-foot North Goa mansion purchase grabbed news. In the Rome of the East, ISPRAVA built the villa. 20 Crores is the house's estimated price.

05. Rohit Sharma’s Worli Apartment

Rohit Sharma's lavish Worli home is on the 29th floor of Ahuja Towers. Rohit acquired the property for 30 crores.

04. Sachin Tendulkar’s Bandra House

Sachin Tendulkar bought the enormous mansion from a Parsi family in 2007 and spent four years rebuilding it. 38 Crores is the anticipated house price.

03. Yuvraj Singh’s Worli Apartment

Yuvraj Singh's suite is extravagant, like his batting style. Yuvraj bought the 16,000-square-foot apartment in 2013 for 64 crores.

02. Virat Kohli’s Gurugram Bungalow

Virat Kohli paid INR 34 crores for an Omkar Towers 1973 35th-floor apartment. Kohli's Gurugram home was luxurious before he moved to Mumbai. The residence was projected to cost INR 80 crores.

01. MS Dhoni’s 7-acre farmhouse in Ranchi

Sakshi, MS Dhoni's wife, publishes Instagram photos of their massive countryside. Dhoni's seven-acre farmhouse is nearby. The farmhouse is believed to cost around INR 100 crores.

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