Discover the 10 Most Reliable Cars of the Past 10 Years!

10. Toyota Highlander - 3rd & 4th Generation

One of Toyota's most reliable models.  It has three rows of chairs and extensive accommodations. Drivers enjoy ergonomics and comfort.

09. Toyota Prius - 3rd & 4th Generation

In 1997, Toyota introduced the first mass-produced electrical automobile, the Prius. Despite its hybrid powertrain's complexity, it's been reliable throughout its life.

08. Toyota 4Runner - 4th & 5th Generation

Toyota 4Runners are among the most reliable used SUVs. The go-anywhere, indestructible ride dominates the new midsize SUV sector.

07. Honda Accord - 9th & 10th Generation

The two-door hatchback Accord was introduced in 1976. With few complaints, the ninth and tenth-generation vehicles from the last decade are the most reliable.

06. Mazda MX-5 Miata - 3rd & 4th Generation

Consumer Reports' latest rankings place Mazda first in reliability. Other market watchdogs have also placed the brand at the top.

05. Hyundai Elantra - 5th & 6th Generation

With its good fuel economy, smooth ride, intuitive features, and affordable pricing, the 2023 Elantra shines. Recent models are also reliable.

04. Honda Civic - 9th & 10th Generation

With proper maintenance, a Civic may last 300,000 miles. 2.3% of 2019 Honda Civics have above 200,000 miles, according to Business Insider.

03. Toyota Corolla - 11th &12th Generation

Toyota Corollas are considered reliable. J.D. Power customer satisfaction and reliability surveys have consistently rated it highly.

02. Lexus RX - 4th Generation

The RX, among its outstanding models, is trustworthy. The 1998 RX, the first luxury crossover SUV, was released in December 1997.

01. Nissan Leaf - 1st & 2nd Generation

In its initial generation and first five years, the Nissan Leaf topped Consumer Reports reliability ratings, making it an almost enticing EV.

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