David Johansen Net Worth: Find Out About His Family, Age, Height and More Info! 2023

Find out about David Johansen’s life, his family, his age, his height, and his work in this piece. On January 9, 1950, David Johansen was born. Find out about David Johansen’s biography and other things here.

David Johansen Biography

David Johansen is a good artist, and he likes music a lot. He makes up songs and sings them. David is also well-known for being able to act. The mom of David Johansen is Helen Johansen.

Johansen Net Worth

David Johansen has a net worth of $2.0 million. His business and his job are both ways for him to make money.

David Johansen Family

He married Cyrinda Foxe in 1977, but they broke up in 1978. After some time, he married Kate Simon in 1983, but they broke up again in 2011.

Before getting married to Mara Hennessey, they started going out together. Ten years and six months ago, they moved in together.

David Johansen Age

The age of David Johansen is 73 years since 9th January 1950.

David Height

No place on social media does it say how tall David is. But we thought she couldn’t be taller than 5’2″.

David Johansen Career

David Johansen has made a living by singing, acting, and writing songs. The Proto-Punk Band of the New York Dolls made him well-known.

They put Peter Jordan, Chris Robison, and Tonny Machine on a team, and they kept working on their record. Then, Johansen went on tour as a solo artist.

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