Chashni 6th May 2023 Update: Raunaq's Hatred for Chandni!


Chandni asks Sumer for permission to help her. Sumer won't allow her until she agrees to be India's best firefighter. 

He warns her to be careful as Babbar's daughter-in-law. In the living room, Chandni requests her family to pray for her new work.

She encourages everyone to write a Hindi blessing like Bindu did when she was unhappy. Raunaq leaves, assuring Chandni she doesn't need his approval.

Chandni requests Manav to wait for the gift notes before picking her up for her first day. Sumer tells her to grab Raj's notes from her workplace.

Manav greets Chandni at the fire station in Delhi and shows her the box of blessing notes. 

However, all the papers are blank save for a letter at the bottom telling her not to find the sender. Chandni then searches her brain for the sender.

Roshni informs Raunaq that his surprise for Chandni should be ready. Chandni tells Manav she got her move letter and will join the team today.

She almost falls when she stands up to collect her uniform from a cabinet bag, but Raunaq saves her. Chandni tells Raunaq to put her down and gets irritated with him.

Raunaq stops her by putting his hand over her mouth and telling Chandni she deserves nothing but hate.

Chandni looks at him in shock. Then Raunaq goes away, making Chandni mad by putting the bag back in the cabinet. 

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