Bhagya Lakshmi Update: Rishi's Delight Over Lakshmi's Matrimony!


Lakshmi is with Vikrant and his family, who express their desire for her to be a part of their lives. Lakshmi is injured when a thorn gets stuck in her foot. 

Lakshmi, on the other hand, feels grateful the sword harmed her and not someone else. The pandit blesses her marriage to Vikrant.

Saloni is planning their roka before they are married. Vikrant's mother Anjana proposes a date to Virender.

Karishma asks Neelam why she decided so quickly to go on a yatra and leave the family when they need her.

Rishi also wants to know what Neelam is hiding. When Ayush asks where Lakshmi is, Rishi says she should be in her room.

Ayush says Lakshmi isn't home. Lakshmi ignores Rishi's worried calls. He accidentally meets Dadi and asks where Lakshmi is. 

Dadi tells Rishi that Vikrant and his family took her to a temple for a good deed and will return soon. 

Dadi also asks Rishi if he was seeking for Lakshmi to stop the marriage, but Rishi says he is pleased for her and won't stop it.

Anjana calls Neelam and asks if tomorrow is a good day for the Roka event for Lakshmi and Vikrant. 

Neelam agrees and says that she and Rishi will be back before the wedding because they are going on a Tirat Yatra.

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