Anuj's Comeback Creates Stir in Anupamaa's Life!


In future episodes of "Anupamaa," Anupama will talk to Kanta for inspiration. Anuj promises to meet her soon since he can't wait.

Anu is really happy to get the message. Kanta tells Anupama that she needs to make sure before she sends her daughter with Anuj.

Anu calls Anupama and tells her that Anuj will definitely be back and that they should get ready for Anu’s Bidaai.

Pakhi notifies everyone about Anuj's return to Shah's residence, save Leela and Vanraj, who are upset.

Even though things are bad, Pakhi, Dimpy, Samar, and Kinjal want to have a party. Anuj and Anupama have a lovely conversation.

Bhairavi sleeps outside Anupamaa's house, so she brings her in. Bhairavi informs them her family sold the house and returned home, leaving her homeless.

Anu sees that Bhairavi has cleaned the bed and gone to work as a seller in the morning. 

Anu is impressed by her honesty and tells Kanta. Kanta advises Anupama to help a well-behaved child like Bhairavi.

Maya does the unthinkable and stops Anuj from going to Anupama. Anupama waits for Anuj, who doesn’t come back because Maya keeps him away.

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