Akshara and Abhinav's relationship revealed in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai!


In the upcoming episodes, Manjiri will confront Akshara about the truth regarding Abhir's biological father.

When Abhimanyu reveals to everyone that Abhir is his biological son, everyone becomes a bit surprised. 

Manjiri is unhappy with Akshara for hiding this for six years. She's comforted by Abhi and told to focus on Abhir.

However, upon seeing Abhir, Manjiri becomes emotional and caresses him. She attempts to embrace him, but Abhinav pulls him away.

Abhi stops Manjiri from blaming Akshara, after which the two leave.

Both Akshara and Abhinav are anxious about the situation and have the intention of revealing the truth themselves.

Meanwhile, at the Goenka residence, Kairav describes how Raghav mistreated him, and Muskan speculates that Kairav may like her.

Abhimanyu tells Aarohi that he is sorry for keeping the truth hidden from her. 

Manjiri rushes to the Goenka residence and causes a commotion by revealing the truth, leaving the Goenka family in astonishment.

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