2023 World's Top 10 Highest-Paid Athletes

It's no surprise that players earn well. Negotiating contracts, brand partnerships, and public appearances can earn athletes a lot of money.

Cristiano Ronaldo: $136 million

Ronaldo left Manchester United after his pay was doubled to $75 million and went to play for Al Nassr in Saudi Arabia in January.

Lionel Messi: $130 million

Even though he hasn’t decided on a team for the future (rumors say he might join Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia), the Paris-Germain player is doing well, making $65 million on and off the field.

Kylian Mbappé: $120 million

Paris-Germain's third-highest-paid player is Kylian Mbappé. He earns $100 million from soccer at 24 years old, making him the world's highest-paid player.

LeBron James: $119.5 million

The basketball legend became the first active billionaire in June due to his financial savvy. The Lakers star earns just under $45 million on the court, but he makes more in board rooms.

Canelo Álvarez: $110 million

Most of Canelo Alvarez's estimations are out by $100 million. Hennessy, Michelob Ultra, and his own brands are his outside interests.

Dustin Johnson: $106 million

Last June, Dustin Johnson joined the Saudi-backed LIV golf tour. Johnson received $35.6 million from LIV, despite its riskiness. 

Phil Mickelson: $106 million

Golf champion Phil Mickelson followed Johnson to LIV, losing his backers. When he's not winning big in the Masters (he won $1.6 million),

Stephen Curry: $100.4 million

The Warriors star makes the most money this season, with a wage of $48.1 million. He also has a deal with Under Armour that lasts his whole career and a new relationship with Chase Bank.

Roger Federer: $95.1 million

He also has a piece of the shoe company On, which makes him worth more than $95 million.

Kevin Durant: $89.1 million

Kevin Durant inked a new deal with the Phoenix Suns after being traded from the Brooklyn Nets. He earned $44.1 million a year. Durant invests like most of the athletes above. 

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