Weak Hero Chapter 248 Release Date: Major Spoilers | Where to Read and More!

Weak Hero is a Korean webtoon series written and illustrated by Seopass. Gray Yeon, a meek and timid kid, transfers to a new school where violence and bullying are prevalent. Gray quickly finds himself in battle with the school’s most powerful bullies, but he also discovers a latent knack for fighting. Grey struggles to survive and disrupt the school’s hierarchy with the help of his friends Ben Park and Eugene Gale.

Since 2019, Weak Hero has been serialized on Naver Webtoon, where it has acquired popularity for its realistic and dramatic representation of high school violence, as well as it’s well-developed characters and storyline twists. The webtoon is also being made into a live-action film, which will be released in 2022. The webtoon’s most recent chapter, chapter 247, was posted on May 27, 2023, and fans were left wanting more. If you’re one among them, you’re probably wondering when Weak Hero chapter 248 will be out and what will happen next. Here’s everything you need to know.

Weak Hero Chapter 248 Release Date

Weak Hero chapter 248 will be released on June 3, 2023, according to several sources. The webtoon mostly follows a weekly schedule, however, it occasionally takes breaks for different reasons. As a result, the publication date is subject to change depending on the availability of raw scans and the translation process. However, no official announcement of a delay or pause for Weak Hero chapter 248 has been made as of yet.

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Where to Read Weak Hero Chapter 248?

Weak Hero chapter 248 is available online at Naver Webtoon, the webtoon’s official source. You can also read the webtoon on various unofficial websites or applications that give fan translations, but we encourage you to read from the official source to support the original creators.

Synopsis for Weak Hero Chapter 248

Weak Hero chapter 248 will most likely continue Gray and Donald Na’s battle, as they will struggle with all of their willpower and determination. Gray must overcome his injuries and anguish in order to reach his full fighting capacity, while Donald Na must confront his emotions and accept defeat. Because both sides are battling for their pride and honour, the outcome of this clash will have a big impact on the overall school situation.

Weak Hero Chapter 248 Release Date

Other characters who are watching the fight from various locations, such as Ben Park, Eugene Gale, Jimmy Baylon, Teddy Jin, Jake Kim, Alex Go, Philip Kim, Jerry Kwon, Goo Ra Young, White Mamba, Black Bear Gang members, Union members, Eunjang High School students and teachers, media reporters, and others, can also be expected to react. They will all witness the epic end to this battle, which will determine the fate of Seoul’s schools.

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In this final battle, who will triumph? Will Gray be able to defeat Donald Na and put an end to his oppression? Will Donald Na be able to come to terms with his loss and change his ways? We’ll have to wait till Chapter 248 of Weak Hero to find out.

Recap for Weak Hero Chapter 247

We watched the continuation of Gray’s confrontation with Donald Na, the leader of the Union and the most powerful bully in Seoul, in Weak Hero chapter 247. Gray had landed a few blows on Donald, but he was still at a disadvantage due to his tremendous power and speed. Gray was taunted by Donald for being weak and pathetic, and he warned him he would never be able to beat him.

Donald effortlessly escaped Gray’s attacks and replied with his powerful punches and kicks. Gray refused to give up and tried to fight back with his speed and technique, but Donald easily dodged his attacks and countered with his powerful punches and kicks. Donald also confessed that he had a secret weapon in his shoe, a metal spike with which he stabbed Gray in the leg. Donald’s filthy ploy had startled and hurt Gray, but he refused to surrender.

Donald then planned to finish the fight with his signature move, a spinning kick that he claimed might shatter Gray’s neck. He kicked Gray in the head, but Gray managed to block it with his arm at the last second. Gray’s arm, however, was severely shattered by the blow, and he collapsed to the ground in agony.

Weak Hero Chapter 248 Release Date

Donald was astonished that Gray had survived his kick, but he was also certain that he had won the fight. He informed Gray he had no chance against him and that he should accept defeat and join his Union. He also told Gray that he had squandered his talent by opposing him rather than joining him.

Gray lay on the ground, blood streaming from his wounds, yet he maintained a stubborn expression in his eyes. He declared to Donald that he would never join his Union or submit to him. He also corrected Donald’s perception of him as weak and sad. He claimed to have battled many powerful opponents before him and to have learned something from each of them.

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Gray went on to discuss his earlier battles with Ben Park, Eugene Gale, Jimmy Baylon, Teddy Jin, Jake Kim, Alex Go, Philip Kim, Jerry Kwon, Goo Ra Young, and others. He claimed that they had all taught him something useful about combat and life. He described them as his true buddies and comrades who had helped him grow stronger.

Gray then stated that he was not fighting Donald Na alone. He claimed to be fighting with all of his pals who were watching him from a distance. He described them as his strength and drive to fight till the bitter end. He declared that he would never quit or lose hope as a result of them.

Gray struggled to his feet and faced Donald Na once again. He promised to show him what true strength was. He promised to teach him what it meant to be a weak hero.


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