Waqar Younis Uncovers the Match-winners for Pakistan Against India in the ICC World Cup 2023

ICC World Cup 2023: Waqar Younis, a former captain of Pakistan, talked about how India and Pakistan have been rivals in World Cups over the years. Since 1992, the two teams have met several times in 50-over World Cups. Since Pakistan won the World Cup in 1992, every 50-over match India has played against Pakistan in the World Cup has been a win for India.

Reports from different news sites say that India and Pakistan will play each other on October 14. They were supposed to play on October 15, but because of the Hindu Navratri holiday, the game has been moved up a day.

In an interview with Cricket Pakistan, the former captain of Pakistan talked about the players to watch out for on the Pakistan team at this World Cup. He also told them which players will be important in their World Cup game against India. He started by finding players who would be very important for Pakistan in this World Cup.

Waqar Younis’s Latest Statement About Pakistan

“Pakistan team have handled pressure in a better way in the recent past. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter wherever you play, irrespective of whether in India or Pakistan, if you have your process in check and are executing your skills and plans sufficiently well, so I don’t think so we have any issue. We have match-winners, we have individuals that can win you matches single-handedly, including Babar himself, Shaheen – Fakhar can do wonders, then, of course, we have seen Imam playing great innings, so all-in-all, Pakistan has all the resources definitely, now it’s just the matter of putting things together and handling pressure,” Waqar said.

Waqar Younis Uncovers the Match-winners for Pakistan Against India

He then talked about how the team was getting ready and how they were handling the pressure of playing against India in India while the crowd cheered for India.

Waqar said “In our times, the pressure wasn’t that of a big concern as what it seems right now. The lesser you play against a team, that too against a big team – so whenever you’ll play them, especially if it is Pakistan and India, the pressure would be immense and tripled. Pressure is always high, but maybe in our times, it was comparatively lesser because we used to play lots of cricket in my early days. But then again, in World Cup, we used to choke against India. Nonetheless, as I said, players these days are handling the pressure definitely better. These match-winners, which I mentioned earlier, they’ll win us the game,”

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From October 5 to November 19, 2023, India will hold the ICC World Cup. The tournament will start and end at the Narendra Modi stadium. As was said before, the India-Pakistan game might be moved to October 14 because India will be celebrating Navratri that day.


Waqar Younis, a former Pakistan captain, discussed the rivalry between India and Pakistan in World Cups since 1992. The India-Pakistan game is scheduled for October 14, with the original date moved due to the Hindu Navratri holiday. He emphasized the importance of match-winners and the team’s handling of pressure. The ICC World Cup will take place from October 5 to November 19, 2023, at the Narendra Modi stadium.

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