Vijayakanth Net Worth: Annual Income, Cars Collection, Assets and More Information

Vijayakanth Net Worth: In the Tamil film business, Vijayakanth is one of the most well-known and respected actors. He has been in more than 100 movies and has a lot of fans. Many people still respect him, even though he is sick. But what about his money? How much does he cost? A lot of people have been looking for this question on Google. We wrote a whole story about Vijayakanth’s net worth to answer this question. Learn everything about this well-known star’s money by scrolling down.

Vijayakanth Net Worth

In 2016, Vijayakanth ran for the Ulundurpettai Assembly seat and made an affidavit. It says that he has movable assets worth Rs 7,60,16,721 (7.6 crore). Some of these are cash, savings in banks, other financial institutions, and non-banking financial companies; bonds and shares; cars; jewelry; and other assets like the value of claims and interests.

Vijayakanth Net Worth

There are Rs 14,79,12,251 (Rs 14.79 crore) in his properties, which include those of his wife and children. He is worth Rs 19,37,75,500 (Rs 19.37 crore) in real estate, which includes farmland, non-farm land, business and residential buildings, and more. His spouse is worth Rs 17,42,76,600 (Rs 17.42 crore). Affidavit says that the total value of the real estate is Rs 38,77,74,100, which is Rs 38.77 crore. It is estimated that he owes Rs 14,72,27,523 (Rs 14.72 crore).

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Vijayakanth Car Collections

It’s amazing to see how many cars Vijayakanth has. He has everything, from old-fashioned beauty to modern wonder. He got his first car, a Premier Padmini, when he was young. They used to be junk, but now his garage is full of fancy cars. He has a huge collection of cars, including the Audi Q7, BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz S350, and many more.

Vijayakanth House

The fancy Saligramam home of Vijayakanth, which had a garden and a swimming pool, was sold at sale for Rs 4.25 crore in July 2023. The Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) auctioned off the property to get back a Rs 5.52 crore loan that the actor-turned-politician had not paid back.

The sale of Vijayakanth’s house is a big deal because it means the end of a famous actor and politician. Vijayakanth and his family are now living in Madurai and Mamandur, both in the Kanchipuram district. The house in Mamandur is worth Rs 4.25 crore, and it’s possible that they will move there.

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Captain Vijayakanth Biography

His birthday is August 25, and he was born in Madurai. He was born to K. N. Alagarswami and Aandal Azhagarswami. He was a politician and used to be an actor in the Tamil film business.

Vijayakanth Net Worth

became a politician in the early 2000s. He became well-known for how charming he was on screen, and later he went into public service. The DMDK, led by Vijaykanth, won the most votes in the 2011 elections for the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly.

Captain Vijayakanth’s Family

On January 31, 1990, Vijayakanth married politician Premlatha. They had two boys, whose names were Shanmuga Pandiyan and Vijay Prabhakar Alagraswami. Srikanth Pandiyan, one of Vijaykanth’s kids, is an actor who works in Tamil movies. Another one of his sons, Vijay Prabhakar Alagraswami, is also a politician.


Vijayakanth, a well-known Tamil actor and politician, has a net worth of Rs 7,60,16,721 in movable assets, Rs 19,37,75,500 in real estate, and Rs 14.79 crore in properties. His car collection includes Audi Q7, BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz S350, and many more. His house, Saligramam, was sold for Rs 4.25 crore in July 2023 to pay off a loan he had not paid back. Vijayakanth and his family now live in Madurai and Mamandur.

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