Vijay Kedia Net Worth 2023: Lets See His Shareholdings and Portfolio!

Vijay Kedia Net Worth: Vijay Kedia is an investor who has a net worth of about Rs. 862 Cr., or $115 million, because he owns 15 stocks that are worth that much. As the price of an Elecon Engineering share went up by 25.60 in the last three months, Vijay Kedia’s net worth in the stock went up by 3.42 crore (25.60 times 13,37,722). Vijay Kishanlal Kedia was one of the first people to work in the stock market when he was 19. He is a well-known person because of how smart he is and how well he plans.

Kedia Securities, one of the biggest stockbroking firms in India, is owned by Vijay Kedia. He has also been called a “market champion” by The Economic Times. Mr. Kedia was also asked to give a talk at the well-known London Business School.

Vijay Kedia Net Worth 2023

According to the source, Vijay Kedia’s projected net worth is $115 million, which in Indian currency is about 862 billion Indian rupees. Vijay Kedia has grown up and becomes a wealthy businessman. He began his journey with Rs. 35,000, which turned into a Net Worth of Rs.

In 2004 and 2005, he chose a few stocks that turned out to be “Multi Baggers,” which have given him more than 1,000% in the last 10 to 12 years. Atul Auto, Aegis Logistics, and Cera Sanitary Ware were some of these stocks. After that, he didn’t look back and put his money into many companies that did well.

In 2017, Vijay Kedia had a net worth of Rs. 300 crores, but in 2018, it rose to Rs. Not only that, but Mr. Kedia has bought shares in a few public companies that gave him a 300% return on his money. Recent news stories say that in October of 2021, Vijay Kedia’s net worth went up to around 600 crores.

Vijay Kedia Top Portfolio and Holdings

Vaibhav Global, Ramco Cements, Tejas Networks, Cera Sanitaryware, Sudarshan Chemical, Repro India, and other companies are in Vijay Kedia’s holdings. His stock has always made investors talk, and they have often learned something from his choices. He recently added ZEEL (Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited) in the lockdown of 2020 to his holdings. Here are some of the well-known stocks he owned, along with the percentage he held and how much they were worth:

Investment in Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd

Vijay Kedia Net Worth 2023

Sudarshan Chemicals Industries Limited was the first business to get a big part of his money. He owns 2.87% of all the company’s shares, which were worth INR 342.9 per share in the last quarter of 2019. All of his assets at the time were worth about INR 68 crores.

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Investment in Vaibhav Global Ltd

At the time this was written, all of Mr. About INR 238 crores were put in by Kedia. He owned 300,000 shares, and his fund has been making money since June 2019. In fact, this is the most valuable item he has in his whole portfolio.

Investment in Repro India Ltd

Another great purchase made by Mr. Vijay Kedia is a part of Repro India Limited with his company, Kedia Securities. At the time of writing, the holdings are worth INR 32,4 crores, and the investment holding has been 7.5% for the last two years.

Investment in Cera Sanitaryware Ltd

Under the holder’s name, “Vijay Kedia,” one of his most unusual purchases is in Cera Sanitaryware. Still, his nearly 1.35 million shares are worth INR 61.9 crores as a whole. Since June 2019, his assets have been almost the same, at 1.1%. In June 2021, they will drop to 1%. Cera, which is based in India and is traded on the National Stock Exchange, is one of the best companies for home solutions from start to finish.

Vijay Kedia Cars Collection

Kedia is a big fan of cars and loves to gather them. He has a Bentley Continental GT, a Rolls-Royce, and a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, among other luxury cars.

Vijay Kedia Biography

Vijay Kishanlal Kedia, a PhD student from Kolkata, has been interested in economics since he was 19 years old. He was born into a Marwari family, where he learned business tricks, how to invest cash and other ideas. But he always wanted to join the Army because it was his dream. But fate has its own plans, and the death of Vijay’s father was the most important turning point for the Kedia family. He took over the family brokerage and dealing business so he could take care of his family. But he wasn’t very interested in the trading business.

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When he first moved to Mumbai to start his work, it was hard for him to make a living in business. In 2004 and 2005, he picked out three companies and put his money into Aegis Logistics, Atul Auto, and Cera Healthcare.

When he was 14, that was the first time he heard about the stock market. The first thing he ever bought was Rs. 35,000 worth of shares in Punjab Tractors. The profits on these shares are pretty good. With that profit, he put more money into ACC, which gave him a 10x gain.


Vijay Kedia is an investor with a net worth of Rs. 862 Cr., or $115 million, due to his investments in 15 stocks worth that much. He has been called a “market champion” by The Economic Times and has given a talk at the London Business School. Vijay Kedia has invested in several businesses, including Sudarshan Chemicals Industries Limited, Vaibhav Global Ltd, Repro India Ltd, and Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. Vijay Kedia was born into a Marwari family and took over the family brokerage and dealing business to take care of his family.

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