Vashu Jain Emerges as the Champion of ‘Roadies Karm Ya Kand’

In an exciting Roadies finale, Vashu Jain of Rhea Chakraborty’s team emerged victorious in Roadies Karm Ya Kand, securing the 5 lakh rupees prize.

Roadies Karm Ya Kand’s historic ninetieth season found its champion in Vashu Jain, a Rhea Chakraborty’s team member. This season he offered a unique ride, featuring new leaders Rhea Chakraborty, Gautam Gulati, and Prince Narula.

Hosted by Sonu Sood, Vashu’s triumph marked a thrilling end to a season filled with challenges and triumphs. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Vashu shared his exhilarating journey, capturing the essence of his victory on this enduring Indian reality show.

Vashu Jain Opens Up About His Roadies Karm Ya Kand Victory

“I am overjoyed to have emerged as the winner of Roadies Karm Ya Kand. While many joined for the journey, my sole goal was victory. I remained focused and determined.

Although I made mistakes, I strived to learn and grow. Winning this esteemed competition means the world to me, and I am immensely grateful for the experience. It’s not just a win; it’s a testament to dedication and perseverance, and I couldn’t be happier about achieving this prestigious milestone.”

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Vashu Jain’s Perspective on Roadies Dynamics

Vashu’s Roadies journey saw a rollercoaster ride of challenges and triumphs. Initially part of Prince Narula’s team, he faced setbacks due to mistakes. However, under Prince’s guidance, the team rallied and won three consecutive tasks, boosting Vashu’s confidence. A twist in the game led him to Rhea Chakraborty’s gang.

Despite his connections with Prince’s team, he embraced the reshuffle, focusing solely on his game. Winning his first task with Rhea’s gang elevated his confidence, reinforcing his determination to conquer the competition. Vashu’s resilience and adaptability became key elements in his Roadies Karm Ya Kand success story.

Vashu’s Experience of Exclusion in the Semi-Finale

In a candid revelation, Vashu expressed his disappointment after the semi-finale when none of his fellow contestants openly supported his victory.

Feeling hurt and overlooked, he channeled this disappointment into determination, motivating himself to excel and win tasks for his own sake. Despite the lack of vocal support, he found solace in the joy of certain contestants and mentors like Rhea Chakraborty and Prince Narula, who celebrated his victories, adding a bittersweet layer to his Roadies Karm Ya Kand journey.

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Vashu Jain Denies Dating Ashika Surve Amidst Rumors

Addressing the dating rumors, Vashu clarified the misunderstanding, revealing that it all began as a tease from friends about participating in Splitsvilla together.

Siwet’s playful comment during a live session sparked the rumors, but he later clarified it was a joke. Vashu emphasized that he and Aashika are close friends and not romantically involved.

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