Vaccine Certificate Correction: How to Fix Certificates of Vaccination? 2023

Vaccine Certificate Correction: Changes can be made to the vaccination certificate by changing the name, mobile number, and Aadhar number. Read the article to find out how to do it. Please fix the Vaccine Certificate as soon as possible; we’ve explained how to do it here.

Vaccine Certificate Correction

Now that India has set a new record for Covid registration and given doses to fight the Coronavirus, it can be said that this is the case. Those who downloaded the certificate from one of the many ways the government gave them and then found a mistake can now fix it. If they made even a small mistake when they signed up for Covid-19, CoWIN Certificate, they now have to make the necessary changes.

The information on the Covid-19 Certificate needs to be correct and up-to-date, or else it won’t be accepted as a valid certificate. People who accidentally made a mistake on the form can fix it and then download their admit cards again. Any mistake in your name has to do with how you spell it or your last name. Now, you can also fix mistakes with your birth year or date. Making a correction is easy and can be done in a simple way.

Update Name on Vaccination Record

Those who made mistakes can change their certificates and fill in the right information. After filling in all the right information for your CoWIN certificate, you can download it. The certificate will be a PDF file that you can store on your phone and show to any legitimate authority when asked.

The new certificate will also include updated information about how you take doses one and two. You can now make changes to the Cowin Vaccination Certificate on the CoWIN website, which is This article tells you how to make the changes that need to be made and what the rules are.

CoWIN Certificate: Mobile Number Is Right

At the CoWIN portal, people who want to log in with a Mobile number can enter their number. Then they can change things like date of birth, gender, etc. Now, you have to have these certificates to go abroad. Tourists will need a certificate with all the right information to get into a country that no longer has restrictions on them.

Vaccine Certificate Correction:
Using the phone number that was used to sign up for the account, you can make the change. It’s easy to do. Before you do anything else about the certificate change, please check the terms. In the last paragraph of this article, you can find the steps.

Aadhar Card Correct Vaccination Certificate

The government has made it possible to get into the Correction process in more than one way. Those who want to use their Aadhar card to sign in can now do so. They just need to do what’s written below. You can also use the Digilocker app and the Digilocker MeriPehchaan option to change the certificate.

  • Cowin mobile login
  • Then click on “Others.”
  • They will give the Select ID and choose Aadhar from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, in the next box, enter the Aadhar card ID or number.
  • Then enter the 6-digit code you were given when you signed up.
  • Then make changes in the fields that are there.
  • The changes will be made after you click “Submit.” From the portal, you can now get a new certificate.
  • Follow the steps above if you do not want to give out your phone number.

Changes to the terms of the vaccination certificate:

You can only make the change if at least 60% of the characters on the New labels match the ones on the Old labels.
Changes can be made by the recipient as long as they have had at least their first shot.


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Vaccine Certificate Correction:

How to Fix Certificates of Vaccination?

Millions of people have already been injected with Covid-19. The government gave the certification to people who signed up and got the doses against the Corona as proof. There’s a good chance you made a mistake when you signed up. Here’s your chance to fix it. Just do what’s said:

  1. Go to, which is the official site for CoWIN.
  2. In the top right corner of the page, you can sign up or sign in.
  3. There, put in the number you used when you signed up for the Covid-19 shot.
  4. Then click on GET OTP, and the OTP will be sent to the phone. Check that OTP and put it in the box provided. After that, click “Verify and move forward.”
  5. As the system checks your information, it will bring up your Account page.
  6. Then, in the corner on the right, click “Raise an issue.”
  7. Click “Correction in my Certificate about Name/Age/Gender/Photo ID” and choose the information you want to change.
  8. Then, since one phone number can be used to register up to four people, you will have to choose one person from the list whose information needs to be changed.

Then, you can change the following things about yourself on the certificate:
-Birth Year,
-Picture ID
To make changes to your Cowin certificate, click on the Change tab with the pencil icon.
Note: Beneficiaries can only make two changes to their own certificates.

Go to the website and use this once-in-a-lifetime chance that the Indian government is giving to everyone as soon as you can.

We’re glad you came to . If you still have questions about the change that needs to be made to the vaccination certificates, please leave a comment.

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