Uniparts India IPO GMP: Price, Lot Size, Risks, Click Here to Clear Your Doubts

You can check the Uniparts India IPO GMP, Price, Subscription, and Lot Size on the official website of various IPOs. The IPO listing of Uniparts India Limited on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), which will consist of 14,481,942 shares, will be open for subscription from November 30th to December 2nd, 2022.

What is Uniparts India IPO?

The price range for the GMP in the Uniparts India IPO is between 548 and 577 Indian rupees per share, and the smallest lot size is 25 shares. Each share is worth ten rupees at face value. Read this post to learn more about the Uniparts India IPO GMP Details, such as the size of the issue, the financials of the company, how to subscribe, the GMP, the status, and other details.

The public will be able to sign up for the Uniparts India IPO GMP starting on November 30 and until December 2. This offering will not include any new shares. Instead, the company’s current shareholders and promoters will make an offer-for-sale (OFS).

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Uniparts India IPO GMP

Uniparts India IPO GMP: Price, Lot Size, Risks, Click Here to Clear Your Doubts

In its upcoming initial public offering, Uniparts India will sell shares for between Rs 548 and Rs 577 per a lot of 25 shares. A total of 577 shares can be bought. The anchor book for the IPO will open on November 29. The allotment of IPO shares will end on December 8, and investors will get their shares in their Demat accounts on December 9.

On December 12, Uniparts India shares are expected to go on sale for the first time. The only part of the IPO that involves selling shares is the offer for sale (OFS) of 1.44 crore shares by the company’s current promoters and shareholders. Ashoka Investment Holdings and Ambadevi Mauritius Holding want to get less of a stake in the company, so they plan to sell all of their more than 93 lakh shares.

The company’s current owners are selling about 44 lakh shares, which is equivalent to 75.54% of the company’s total value. The IPO will not give any money to Uniparts India.

How Much is the Uniparts India IPO Price?

Uniparts operates across six manufacturing sites and four warehouses situated in the United States of America, Europe, and India. The company has expanded its sales to 25 countries.

In 2022, Uniparts India generated a revenue of 304 crores, which is an increase from the previous year’s sales of 199 crores. The IPO will be listed on the NSE and BSE, with a pricing range of 548 to 577 Rs. per equity share.

Uniparts India IPO Lot Size in GMP

The minimum lot size for the Uniparts India IPO GMP is 25 shares, with an application fee of 14,425 rupees, and the maximum lot size is 325 shares, with an application fee of 187,525 rupees.

Uniparts India IPO GMP Status

Under the Offer for Sale, successful bidders will receive the stocks of the Promoter Selling Shareholders, while the New Issue will distribute equity shares. The terms and conditions of the Offer for Sale will apply to both events. However, the current allocation status has not been disclosed yet.

IPO GMP Strengths of Uniparts India

  • Position of market leadership in the off-road vehicle systems and parts market around the world
  • A precise solution provider that is driven by engineering and built from the ground up.
  • The goal of the global business approach is to reduce risks in client supply chains and make prices as competitive as possible.
  • Long-term relationships with important clients around the world, like OEMs, have led to a well-diversified source of income.
  • Facilities for production and storage that are in good places and are big enough and flexible enough to be used in different ways.

What Are the Risks of Uniparts India IPO GMP?

The company makes most of its money from a few customers.

Uniparts India IPO GMP: Price, Lot Size, Risks, Click Here to Clear Your Doubts

  • Let’s say they can’t figure out how much demand there will be for their goods. In that case, it could hurt their business, cash flow, financial situation, the results of their operations, and their future plans.
  • The company’s finances, operational performance, and future prospects can all be affected by how easy it is to get raw materials and how much it costs to hire workers.
  • They can be hurt by changes in the exchange rates of foreign currencies, which can hurt their business, cash flows, financial situation, prospects, operations, and results.
  • Cyclical effects in both the global and local economies, especially in the agricultural and CFM sectors, hurt their business, cash flows, financial situation, results of operations, and future plans. This is especially true for how operations turn out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Uniparts India IPO GMP Right Now?

The Uniparts India IPO GMP is currently 150.

How Much is the IPO Kostak Rate for Uniparts India Right Now?

The IPO Kostak Rate for Uniparts India is 400 at the moment.

What is today’s Sauda-related Uniparts India IPO?

Subject to Sauda, the price of the Uniparts India IPO at the moment is $1,500.

What Kind of Returns Can You Expect From the Uniparts India IPO?

A 25% return is expected from the Uniparts India IPO.

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