Twinkling Watermelon Episode 11 Release Date: Spoilers, Recap and Where to Watch

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 11 Release Date: The K-drama Twinkling Watermelon is about coming of age. The last episode hinted that things would get more crazy in the next episode. Eun-Gyeol wants to get his mother out of the prison her sister has set up for her. In Twinkling Watermelon Episode 11, though, Yi-chan will do something brave that will make things very interesting. He’s probably going to plan how to get back at Eun-gyeol for taking his girl. However, it’s not always true. In the next episode, Watermelon Sugar’s secret and how Yi-chan’s life changed completely will finally be shown. Does his hearing loss have anything to do with the band breaking up? Read on.

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 11 Release Date

The reason why Watermelon Sugar broke up will finally be shown in the next episode. This will be made clear in Twinkling Watermelon Episode 11. It will air at 8:50 p.m. KST on October 30, 2023. There is an hour-long show that airs every Monday and Tuesday night. Don’t miss it. People from around the world can watch it on Viki, and people in Korea can watch it on its native network, tvN.

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 11 Spoilers

In the last few seconds, one of the band members talks about why the group broke up. That’s right, the last episode finished in this timeline. However, Twinkling Watermelon Episode 11 will go back in time to the past, where everyone is getting ready for the fête. Yi-chan will be thrilled to hear about how well their band did. The group will do their best to practice the way they planned. A voice, though, gives the impression that it’s the time of “my father’s accident.” That’s probably why Watermelon Sugar broke up—it sounds like Eun-gyeol’s voice.

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But as the clip for Twinkling Watermelon Episode 11 goes on, it shows Eun-gyeol’s plan to change the future. He wants the accident to stop. Se-Kyung chooses to help with something at the same time. It’s still not clear what she’s doing. Things aren’t going in the right direction, though. Eun-Gyeol thinks Se-Kyung is lying and trying to get what she wants. He doesn’t know how to solve the puzzle, though. In the meantime, the sneak peek shows that Yi-chan is ready to get back at them. He might be tired of Se-Kyung and will push Eun-Gyeol on something, which could lead to the breakup of their group.

What Happened in Twinkling Watermelon Episode 10?

At the start of the previous show, there was a flashback of Eun-Gyeol breaking up with a girl who was dating his brother. He thought back to the lesson he had learned: he should only think about his game. That’s why he bent down to kiss Se-Kyung. But he stopped when he thought about how she used to be his mother. But when he stopped, Se-Kyung started making fun of him and told him there was nothing to be embarrassed about. When she heard those words, Eun-gyeol kissed her out of the blue, which shocked her. At the same time, Yi-chan asked Cheong-ah if she liked him, and she said she did.

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 11 Release Date

He agreed to be her friend. As for Eun-Gyeol, he talked to Cheong-ah’s dad and asked him to give his daughter a fax machine so she could talk to her friends. There were also more sign language lessons, which Cheong-ah’s stepmother didn’t like. She punished Eun-gyeol for not following her orders because she was his school’s director. Although Eun-Gyeol was doing his time, he got a call from the shop’s manager telling him that help was on the way. He had to help that guy first, though. It turned out to be Se-Kyung, the helper. She had a panic attack when she was asked to play the cello.

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Eun-gyeol ran to the theater to help her right away. At the same time, Yi-chan bought a book on sign language and then met Cheong-ah for coffee. On that picture of a watermelon, there was a phrase written in Chinese that meant “Long Live Life.” Soon after, Yi-chan showed the picture to his friends and changed the name of their group to “Watermelon Sugar.”


In the upcoming K-drama Twinkling Watermelon, the story revolves around coming of age and the group’s breakup. In episode 11, Yi-chan plans to get back at Eun-Gyeol for taking his girlfriend, Watermelon Sugar. The episode will reveal the reason for the breakup, which is likely due to Eun-Gyeol’s father’s accident. The story revolves around Eun-Gyeol’s plan to change the future and Se-Kyung’s help in a secret project. The episode also explores the possibility of Yi-chan pushing Eun-Gyeol on something, potentially leading to the group’s breakup. The show airs on Viki and tvN.

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