Triggered Insaan Net Worth, Cars Collection, House, Brand Endorsement and Career

Triggered Insaan Net Worth: Triggered Insaan is a YouTuber with about $2 million in net worth. He is a YouTuber from India, and he is one of the top 50 YouTubers in India. On the internet and social media, Nishchay is known as Triggered Insaan and Live Insaan. As of 2023, he makes more than three crores every year. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Triggered Insaan’s life, income, job, etc.

Triggered Insaan Net Worth

According to our sources, Triggered Insaan has a net worth of about $2 million. He is a YouTuber from India, and he is one of the top 50 YouTubers in India. On the internet and social media, Nishchay is known as Triggered Insaan and Live Insaan. As of 2021, he makes more than three crores every year. Most of his money comes from his work on YouTube and promoting brands.

On his main channel, he posts roasting, response, and funny videos. On his second channel, he does live streams and plays video games. Triggered Insaan’s YouTube statistics show that more than 1 million people watch his account every day.

Triggered Insaan House

Nischay Malhan, also known as (Triggered Insaan), is one of the most popular YouTubers in the country, and he has a good life. He owns a beautiful house in one of New Delhi’s nicest neighborhoods. Nischay lives with his parents in this fancy house. Everyone in his family has a YouTube page except for his father. The house has a big home office, 4 bedrooms, and a big launch, which are all great features.

Triggered Insaan Car

Triggered Insaan doesn’t have a fancy car because he only has two. So, take a look at what Nischay Malhan has. He owns a car called “Honda City,” which costs 15 Lakh rupees. The second car in his shed is a Tata Nano. This car cost him about 4 Lakh Indian rupees.

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Triggered Insaan Endorsement

Triggered Insaan is at the top of the list for the biggest tech brands, and many companies want him to be their brand spokesperson. He promotes a lot of big brands, such as “online payable brands,” and he gets a lot of money from these companies.

Triggered Insaan Career

Triggered Insaan worked for a private company for 6 months as an intern before he started his YouTube account. Later, he quit his job to follow his dream of making videos. Triggered Insaan made his first YouTube channel called “Nischay Malhan,” where he posted movies about programming. He also likes to play video games, which is why he chose to make that his job.

Triggered Insaan Net Worth

Then, he started a second YouTube channel called “Yes-Yes-Bhai,” where he made small roasting and response videos. Roasting Dhinchak Pooja and Narendra Modi got him a lot of attention. He changed the name of his channel to “Itz Nischay,” and after putting up a few videos, he chose “Triggered Insaan” as his final name.

Nischay Malhan made YouTube his full-time job and on November 10, 2017, he launched his second gaming account called “Live Insaan.” He has more than 8.3 million people who watch him on this gaming site.

Triggered Insaan Biography

Nischay Malhan, who is often called “Triggered Insaan,” was born in Delhi on November 14, 1995. He has an older sister named Prerna Malhan and a younger brother named Abhishek Malhan. In India, all three of them are well-known YouTubers.

He went to Delhi to finish his studies and get his engineering degree there. He started out as an engineer, but he quit his job a few times.

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Nischay Malhan’s YouTube page was first called Yes Yes Bhai. Then he gave it the name Nischay. And for the third time, he called his song “Triggered Insaan.” He is now on the list of India’s Top YouTubers. The name of his brother’s account on YouTube is Fukra Insaan. A man who once thought about quitting his job to become famous on YouTube is now loved by millions.

Triggered Insaan Early Life

Nischay Malhan, also known as “Triggered Insaan,” was born in New Delhi, India, on November 14, 1995. He is now 27 years old. He went to school at Lancer Convent School Rohini in Delhi. He was one of the best students when he was in school.

When he was in the 11th grade, he didn’t go to college for a year because he was depressed. Later, he got a B.E. in Communication and Electronics from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Delhi.

Triggered’s father is a businessman named Vinay Malhan, and his mother is called Dimple Malhan. Triggered Insaan has a brother named Abhishek Malhan and a sister named Prerna Malhan who are both older than him. Triggered Insaan does not have a girlfriend right now. He is single and not seeing anyone.


Triggered Insaan, a YouTuber from India, has a net worth of around $2 million and is one of the top 50 YouTubers in the country. He makes over three crores every year from his work on YouTube and promoting brands. Insaan’s main channel features roasting, response, and funny videos, while his second channel hosts live streams and plays video games. He has over 1 million daily viewers on his YouTube account. Born in Delhi in 1995, Insaan has a family of well-known YouTubers, including his brother, Abhishek Malhan. He has a successful career in YouTube and has been endorsed by major tech brands.

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