Discover Your Perfect Ride: Top 10 160cc Bikes in India Unveiled!

There are many various brands of the best 160 cc bikes in India, so you can choose the bike you want. The majority of these bikes belong to the 160 cc finest bikes in the Indian class of motorcycles, one of the bike market’s most crowded areas.

Unquestionably, the 160cc class of bikes is one of the most popular. It is because of its outstanding characteristics, which flawlessly blend performance and mileage. These gorgeous vehicles are excellent for more than simply daily commuting and weaving through traffic. It offers superb performance that is appropriate for extended car journeys.

Top 10 160cc Bikes in India

There are several top 160 cc bikes in India, therefore there are many possibilities available. The selection of the cars is made to address and satisfy requirements including price, compatibility, sustainability, portability, and comfort. The top 160cc bikes on the Indian market are listed below. Although the pricing ranges may change based on where you live, we will share the general price and details here.

1. X-Blade Honda

Price Range:- 80,000 – 89,000 INR

Top 10 160cc Bikes in India

Honda has built a reputation for excellence in design and craftsmanship, producing the best 160cc bike in India for mileage and performance. The Honda XBlade is one of the top 160cc bikes in India. This two-wheeler weighs about 138 kg and has a power output of 14.12 BHP and a torque output of 13.9 Nm. Despite its lack of performance, this stylish Honda bike is undeniably sturdy.

2. Honda CB Hornet 160R

Price Range:- 86,000 – 93,000 INR

Top 10 160cc Bikes in India

The CB Hornet, the XBlade’s Japanese brother, has an identical engine but has been tuned differently to produce 15.9 BHP and 14.76 Nm of torque, making it one of India’s most formidable 160cc bikes. The CB Hornet is a perfect daily commute partner for riders looking for high-performance other brand motorcycles, whilst the XBlade does not. The bike weighs roughly 140 lbs.

3. Honda CB Unicorn 160

Price Range:- 75,000 – 78,0000 INR

Top 10 160cc Bikes in India

The Honda CB unicorn is the smaller, cuter sibling of the 160cc Honda motorcycles, and it shares the same engine as the other 160cc Honda models. It is the finest 160cc bike in India in terms of mileage and performance in 2021.

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Unicorn, as a product of one of India’s most reliable two-wheeler manufacturers, has played an important part in the 160cc sector there. It is unique among motorcycles in that it is tuned to produce 13.82 BHP and 13.92 Nm of torque, making it ideal for daily commuting.

4. TVS Apache RTR 160 4V

Price Range:- 93,000 INR

Top 10 160cc Bikes in India

The new TVS Apache is stunning and has a fresh BS-VI appearance. It is one of India’s top 10 160cc bikes. A top-of-the-line motorbike with ABS protection that is yet unmatched in terms of performance is the Apache RTR 4V.

It is made by TVS, a market leader in two-wheelers that has dominated the racing industry for the previous 38 years. The bike claims to have been built based on its national championship-winning experience and makes performance claims of 16.5 BHP and 14.8 Nm.

5. TVS Apache RTR FI 4V

Price Range:- 1,01,000 INR

Top 10 160cc Bikes in India

Similar to its other form is the TVS Apache RTR FI 4V, another solid model from the two-wheeler series. It is one of India’s top 160 bikes. This 160cc bike stands out from the other bikes on this list thanks to its fuel injection feature. Despite having an equal displacement and torque engine to the Apache RTR 4V, this motorcycle produces 16.8 BHP more than the carburetor version, outperforming it.

6. Bajaj Pulsar NS 160

Price Range:- 94,000 – 1,03,000 INR

Top 10 160cc Bikes in India

There wouldn’t be any 160cc bikes in India without Bajaj. The firm climbed to the top of the bike market in 2001 when it unveiled the country’s first 160cc motorcycle. The most popular option offered by Bajaj at the moment is the NS or Naked Street edition.

With a maximum torque of 14.6 Nm and 15.5 BHP, the motorcycle is one of the most powerful models in this class and the least expensive 160cc bike in India. Although the bike lacks ABS, it is aggressively built for exceptional performance.

7. Yamaha YZF R15 V4

Price Range:- 1,45,000 INR

Top 10 160cc Bikes in India

The R15, the motorcycle that established the racing scene in the Indian motorcycle market, is still one of the most sought-after motorcycles, even in its fourth incarnation. It is India’s best 160cc motorcycle. The R15 lives true to its racing roots, with a peak torque of 14.2Nm and power of 18.1 bps.

Even if it is suitable for your daily commute, you will need to go on an exciting excursion in order to activate the “R” mode and give it a racing performance.

8. Yamaha MT 15

Price Range:- 1,37,000 INR

Top 10 160cc Bikes in India

The Yamaha MT15 is a separate model from the popular racing brand that shares the same engine capabilities as its older sibling, the R15 V3. With its toned-down performance abilities, MT15 is the responsible sibling, making it better for frequent use. Assume R15 is the more active sibling. It is enjoyable to ride, has a distinct appearance, and has the best fuel efficiency. The bike looks great and the seat is quite comfortable.

9. Suzuki Gixxer

Price Range:- 1,11,000 INR

The 2019 Gixxer is still a lively 155cc motorcycle with superb handling and ergonomics. The addition of full-LED lighting updated gauges, and a new look makes the premium commuter even more appealing.

Top 10 160cc Bikes in India

The 154.9cc-powered naked version of the Suzuki Gixxer, the best 160cc bike in India 2021 for mileage and performance, is one of India’s best-selling 160cc bikes. Even without racing equipment, the bike weighs roughly 135 kg and produces 14.8 BHP and 14 Nm of torque.

10. Suzuki Gixxer SF

Price Range:- 1,23,000 INR

Suzuki’s fully-faired premium motorbike, the Gixxer SF, one of the greatest 160cc bikes in India, just had a design makeover to give it a new look. Despite its stylish design, the motorbike provides a comfortable riding position for everyday use.

Top 10 160cc Bikes in India

It also boasts a powerful motor and rapid handling, which add to the motorcycle’s appeal. The engine displacement, output power, and torque of the Suzuki Gixxer SF are all comparable to the naked version. The SF model differentiates itself with a slightly heavier build due to its racing kit.

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