Who Are the Best Top 15 Motovloggers in India?

Vlogging is a relatively new notion in India, but it is rapidly expanding. Many new motor vloggers join the list every day, and it takes a lot of time and work to conduct motor vlogging because the audience is small.

There are a few notable names that aspiring Moto vloggers in India and motorcycle aficionados should be familiar with before hitting the road and documenting their experiences in their professional lives as vloggers.

Top 15 Motovloggers in India

If you’re a motorbike aficionado or aspiring vlogger, these are a few names you should know before you hit the road. The moto vlogging sector in India has exploded in the last three years, with as many as 30 new moto vloggers appearing on the market.

1. Nikhil Mumbiker

One of the most well-known motorcycle vloggers in India is Nikhil Sharma, who goes by the name Mumbiker Nikhil on YouTube.

Top 15 Motovloggers in India

His vlogging channel had more than 3.14 million subscribers as of the time of writing. Additionally, millions of people have watched all of his videos together! He was one of the pioneers in India who popularized motorcycle vlogging. Here is some information on India’s top motorcycle vlogger.

2. Oggy F

Ogden Fernandes just began riding a motorcycle to shorten the distance between his house and his place of employment. He quickly discovered a love for motorbikes and, four years ago, decided to start vlogging and recording his rides on YouTube through his channel, Oggy F.

Top 15 Motovloggers in India

The Mumbai moto-vlogger first rose to prominence with a video series on his channel dubbed Bad Mumbai Drivers, in which he exposes motorists and motorcyclists who disregard fundamental traffic laws and endanger both themselves and other road users.

3. JS Films

Jasminder Singh, also known as Jaysn, has a YouTube channel called JS flicks. With his offbeat humor and distinctive Desi flair, Jaysn exemplifies the phrase “extrovert on a bike” and has a remarkable capacity to connect with his audience.

Top 15 Motovloggers in India

motoblogging, which uses his professional biking skills to explore the cultures of many Indian areas, travels to various locations on a road trip and motivates young bikers in India. He is also a top moto-vlogger in India. The Digitalbiopic

4. MSK

One of the most well-known Indian vlog-based YouTube channels is MSK Vlogs, which is owned and operated by Mr. Mohammed Salim Khan (MSK). Blogger, traveler, and filmmaker MSK is from India. He was born and raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and presently resides there.

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Top 15 Motovloggers in India

On his Youtube channel, he currently has 1.15+ subscribers. He is Mumbai’s well-known bike rider. He frequently rides his own KTM Duke 390, YAMAHA R1, Triumph Tiger 800, and Volkswagen Polo motorcycles in his films.

5. Vikas Rachmalla

Vikas Rachamalla, a second motorcycling YouTuber from Hyderabad, owns a variety of motorcycles, including the Yamaha YZF-R1, Suzuki GSX 1100F, and a KTM Duke 390.

Top 15 Motovloggers in India

Rachamalla frequently features his motorcycles on motor racing tracks in his videos. He typically creates safety videos, DIY projects, educational videos, and vlogs about riding superbikes. India’s Rolling Stone

6. One World One Ride

Top 15 Motovloggers in India

One Ride Around the World in 270 Days. Debasish Ghosh is the first Indian to complete a bike voyage that began and ended in India, traversing 35 countries, five continents, and 68,000 kilometers in 270 days. His extraordinary accomplishment was acknowledged with a magnificent homecoming at the Royal Challenge, Goregaon in Mumbai.

7. Jatt Prabhjot

Top 15 Motovloggers in India

JP, who is a software engineer by trade, shares his passion for motorcycles on his YouTube channel, Jatt Prabhjot, which presently has 1.22 million subscribers. His Instagram account, jatt_prabhjot, has 272k followers, which demonstrates his popularity.

8. Chintamani Jaipuri

Top 15 Motovloggers in India

Chintamani Jaipuri is a motovlogger from Raipur who loves vlogging over his motorcycle in a very fanloving style. Currently, Chintamani Jaipuri is having a very large fanbase of a total of 342K subscribers on his youtube channel by the same name.

9. Art of Motorcycle

Top 15 Motovloggers in India

Murthaza Junaid, an Automobile Engineer, and his Brother operate a renowned Art of Motorcycle Workshop in Bengaluru… He also possesses a Triumph Tiger, which he named “Maya.” He holds the record for the quickest uphill Royal Enfield ride on Nandi Hills, having won 70 trophies in Royal Enfield races throughout the country.

10. Mallu Traveller

Top 15 Motovloggers in India

Mallu Traveler from the Indian state of Kerala in the south. The name of the Mallu traveler is Shakir Subhan. Shakir’s passion is traveling and experiencing new cultures and adventures about the globe on their own motorcycle.

11. Big Bang Biker

Top 15 Motovloggers in India

The Big Bang Biker is an IT guy from Bangalore. He loves to ride throughout India on his KTM ADVENTURE 390. He is very dedicated to entertaining his followers through his unique vlogging style. As of writing, he is having 133K subscribers on his Youtube channel – Bigbang Biker.

12. Sriman Kotaru

Top 15 Motovloggers in India

Hyderabad-based Sriman Kotaru is one of the nation’s most renowned moto vloggers. His knowledge of bikes, desire to assist fellow bikers, and speaking style have earned him a large following on YouTube.

13. Born to Ride

Lakhshay Anand, also known as Born To Ride, was an Indian motorcycle blogger and rider from west Delhi. The famous Indian Moto Vlogger Mumbiker Nikhil encouraged him to begin riding and vlogging.

Top 15 Motovloggers in India

After his ride from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on a TVS Jupiter scooter with his companion Sharyon Khan, he became very popular. Lakhshay Anand was very active on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

14. Xtreme Moto Adventure

Top 15 Motovloggers in India

The Xtreme Moto Adventure channel is owned by Deepak Gupta who is a full-time traveler, Youtuber, and motovlogger. He loves traveling to different places & meeting people. Mostly he travels on motorcycles to explore this beautiful world in a different way. Currently, he is having a total of 964K subscribers on his channel.

15. Dino’s Vault

Top 15 Motovloggers in India

Dinesh Kumar Gunasekara, aka Dino, of Dino’s Vault is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to auto-related vlogs and social media evaluations. The automobile-related content that Hyderabad-based Dino publishes on Instagram and YouTube is among the best in the industry.

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