Top 10 VIP Cars in India That Maintains Safety With Status!

India stands out for its strict security and safety in a country rich in governmental personalities as well as wealthy celebrities. These VIPs require the best in terms of security and transportation, which is why they only trust a few names. Here are the greatest cars built to please any VIP or the VIP in you.

Top 10 VIP Cars in India

The key qualities of VIP cars are their size, comfort, and speed. Many SUVs fall into this category, but there are also a few sedans that can transport VIPs safely and pleasantly. Here is a list of the greatest automobiles in India for VIPs. Check out the prices, specifications, features, variations, and more for these top-ranked VIP cars.

1. Toyota Land Cruiser

Top 10 Vip Cars in India

The new Toyota Land Cruiser, which debuted in 2015, is a beast of an SUV. Under the Land Cruiser’s massive bonnet is a 4.5L DOHC V8 diesel engine that can produce up to 265 horsepower and 650 Newton-meters of torque. The vehicle is equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission and 4-Wheel Drive.

2. Mercedes-Benz GLS

Top 10 Vip Cars in India

Mercedes-Benz is unquestionably one of the finest brands for affluent individuals, and the new GLS is a standout performer. It is equipped with a 5.5L V8 BITURBO gasoline engine that generates 584.6Ps of power and 760Nm of torque and a 9-speed automatic transmission system with All-Wheel-Drive.

3. Land Rover Range Rover

Top 10 Vip Cars in India

Land Rover has been a popular choice for most VIPs around the globe, and the Range Rover offers some of the finest features in the segment. The Range Rover is available with four engine options, including a 3.0L V6 gasoline engine, a 5.0L V8 gasoline engine, a 3.0L V6 diesel engine, and a 4.4L V8 diesel engine. All models feature an 8-speed automatic transmission with 4-Wheel Drive capabilities.

4. BMW 7 Series

Top 10 Vip Cars in India

BMW is yet another colossal automaker that sells luxury vehicles to the affluent. The 7 Series sedan is propelled by a 3.0L 6-cylinder gasoline engine, a 3.0L 6-cylinder diesel engine, or a 6.6L V12 diesel engine. The engines are coupled to an 8-speed automatic transmission that generates 261 horsepower and 620Nm of torque. The interior components of the BMW 7 Series are by far the highest quality in this segment.

5. Toyota Innova Crysta

Top 10 Vip Cars in India

The new Toyota Innova Crysta stands out for all the right reasons, with some of the greatest specs available. The SUV is powered by a variety of engines, including a 2.4L diesel, a 2.8L diesel, and a 2.7L petrol type.

The diesel model has 171.5 BHP and 360Nm of torque, while the petrol model has 163.7 BHP and 245Nm of torque. The diesel models have a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic transmission, whereas the petrol model only has a 6-speed automatic transmission.

6. Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Top 10 Vip Cars in India

Mercedes-Benz is the most popular car brand among VIPs due to the superior quality and elegance it provides. The S-Class sedan is equipped with a 3.0L Inline-Six diesel engine capable of producing 286PS and 400Nm of torque. The other engine option is a strong 3.0L V6 petrol engine with 367PS and 500Nm of torque. Both models are equipped with a 9-speed automatic transmission.

7. Mahindra Scorpio

Top 10 Vip Cars in India

The Mahindra Scorpio is a popular SUV in India, and politicians utilize it because of its tough design and better comfort. It is powered by a 2.5L m2DICR diesel engine with four cylinders that generate 75PS and 200Nm of torque and is coupled to a five-speed manual transmission.

The automobile is also available with a 2.2L mHawk diesel engine with a maximum output of 140PS and 340Nm and a 6-speed manual transmission. A free online used car appraisal tool can assist you in purchasing the most recent Scorpio model at a low cost.

8. Toyota Fortuner

Top 10 Vip Cars in India

The Toyota Fortuner, regarded as one of the most attractive SUVs in the country, combines performance and aesthetics flawlessly. It is propelled by a 2.8L four-cylinder diesel engine or a 2.7L four-cylinder gasoline engine.

The diesel model generates 177 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque and is paired with a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. The gasoline engine produces 166 horsepower and 245 pound-feet of torque when mated to a 5-speed manual or automatic transmission.

9. Tata Safari Storme

Top 10 Vip Cars in India

The Tata Safari has made ripples across the nation ever since its introduction, and the new model is doing the same. It incorporates a 2.2L VARICOR diesel engine as well as a 2.2L VARICOR400 diesel engine option.

The VARICOR variant produces 150 horsepower and 320 pound-feet of torque and has a 5-speed manual transmission, while the VARICOR400 produces 156 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque and has a 6-speed manual transmission.

10. Audi Q8

Top 10 Vip Cars in India

The Audi Q8 is an enormous and extremely fashionable SUV. The SUV’s massive size indicates the amount of accommodation it provides. The interior of the Audi Q8 is spacious, extremely luxurious, and fitted with enormous, plush seats and a panoramic sunroof. Due to its appearance, the Audi Q8 has become popular among celebrities who wish to make their presence known wherever they go.

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