A Quick Look at the Top 10 Most Commented Posts on Instagram!

What is it about Instagram that makes it so popular? Famous celebrities, lovely infants, incredible performers, adorable pets, and much more. Right? But which of them has the most liked and commented on Instagram posts? If you’re curious about who is winning the race to be the most commented post on Instagram, this post offers the names of the secret victors for you.

Likes and comments are important in the Internet world because they can alter any algorithm. Remember when, in 2019, an egg post shattered all records and became the most-liked post on Instagram? Unfortunately, Messi has broken that record by becoming the most-liked Instagram post! But who has received the most comments, Messi or the Egg? Let us investigate!

Top 10 Instagram Posts with the Most Comments

The internet is a strange place! Sometimes, a little item gains popularity while the bigger thing……. Ahhhh, negligence! The top Instagram posts with the most comments are listed below. Most comments have been left on these posts. Some of these posts are giveaways, but others feature sincere feedback from the followers.

1. Alexandros Kopsialis (43.2 Million Comments for Giveaway)

The Instagram photo with the most comments belongs to Greek influencer and YouTuber Alexandros Kopsialis.

You will be amazed to learn that the post has nearly 43 million comments, making it the Instagram post with the most comments. When you realize that the post was a giveaway, things start to get interesting! That is the sole illustration of how social media has affected marketing. The free gifts included:

A PlayStation 5, a Fiat 500 Sport Automatic, an iPhone 12 Pro with 128GB of storage, and the whole La Vie En Rose face and body cosmetics collection.

2. Bizarrap and Paulolondra (23.2 Million Comments, #Session 23)

Top 10 Most Commented Posts on Instagram

Argentine DJ and record producer Bizarrap unveiled #session23, new music featuring Paulo Londra. In captions, DJ also challenged the fans to leave “23,000,000 comments,” which it did. We hand it over to him. I’m grateful. On Instagram, the post receives 7 million likes and 23.2 million comments.

3. Mrbeast (21 Million Birthday Comments Giveaway)

Additionally, he has a BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY with him. We are aware of Mr. Beast’s generosity! He is giving away $50000 to 5 followers this time. Therefore, the giveaway will have 5 winners, and each will receive a $10,000 prize. All you have to do is follow Mr. Beast, share this article on your story, and tag a buddy in the comments. You never know; you could strike it rich!

4. XXXTentacion (Farewell- 10.7 Million Comments)

The tragic death of XXXTentacion, an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and musician, did the same. The singer’s real name was “Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy.” He had 18.9 million Instagram followers.

Top 10 Most Commented Posts on Instagram

Following his death, his admirers couldn’t help but comment on his wonderful fortune in the afterlife. With 10.7 million comments, his one Instagram post became the post with the most comments. He now has 20.7 million followers and says, “Music never dies!”

5. Andrea Stramaccioni (Welcome to His Official Instagram Account – BAM…! 9.6 Million Comments)

Andrea Stramaccioni, an Italian football manager and former player, greeted his supporters to his Instagram profile individually, which has now received over 9 million comments. The amusing aspect is that this is the only post on his Instagram profile, which has 388K followers.

6. Gorgeous Armenia (6.5 million responses)

While the account is not well-known and has only 58.5k followers, it received 6.5 million comments on its first post alone! Isn’t that incredible? The post is a collage of many Armenian videos, and the film is artistically pleasing. With 6.5 million comments, this post became one of Instagram’s most commented on! You may check it out here.

7. Sidhu Moose Wala (Would You Like It To Happen? – 4.75 Million Comments)

SIDHU MOOSE WALA, an Indian Punjabi musician with over 11 million followers, has broken the record with 3 million comments in 24 hours on his Instagram post. Indians love Punjabi music, and this enthusiasm caused his article to receive the most comments, with 4.7 million!

8. The World Record Egg (Egg Picture: 3.34 Million Comments)

Top 10 Most Commented Posts on Instagram

A snapshot of an egg that WAS also recognized for being the most-liked image on Instagram has quite a few comments! Its Instagram post has received almost 3 million responses.

9. About To Strike! (Photos by Alexander Srloth – 3.32 Million Comments)

Alexander Sorloth, a forward for RB Leipzig, received 3.32 million comments on a single post, all from Trabzonspor fans eager for his homecoming. There is a phrase that goes, ‘Football is not a game, but a feeling.’

10. One Direction To Be A Family (Campfire- 3.2 Million Comments)

Top 10 Most Commented Posts on Instagram

Guys! Have you heard about One Direction’s most recent collaboration? Ah! Don’t claim you didn’t notice!
Damn! Why? They recently shared a post with Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin. It is an animated image of four lads sitting around a campfire with him.

Hm! They might be starting a family now! By far, this post has received 3 million likes and 3.2 million live comments.

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