Fast as Lightning – Top 10 Fastest Stumping in Cricket Timing!

Stumping is a crucial type of dismissal in the game’s shorter formats, such as ODIs or T20s. A wicketkeeper’s agility and attention are required to touch the bails in a fraction of a second. Nonetheless, some wicketkeepers have mastered the essential art of stumping in the past.

Everyone, including Adam Gilchrist, Kumar Sangakkara, Brendon McCullum, and our own MS Dhoni, has a natural talent for it. Former Indian captain MS Dhoni is one of the few wicketkeepers to have revolutionized the modern phenomenon of wicket-keeping.

Top 10 Fastest Stumping in Cricket Timing

Stumping is a vocation that requires talent, sharpness, and flexibility at all times. As a result, wicketkeepers are among the most vigilant players on the cricket field. In this article, we will go over Dhoni’s and other renowned players’ fastest-stumping events in cricket history.

1. MS Dhoni Against Keemo Paul

Top 10 Fastest Stumping in Cricket Timing

MS Dhoni is 37 years old, but his leadership abilities and lightning-fast wicket-keeping have made him the world’s quickest wicketkeeper. In 2018, during the fourth One-Day International against the Windies in Mumbai, the former captain performed a stumping to dismiss West Indies batsman Keemo Paul in 0.08 seconds.

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Dhoni’s fastest stumping time is 0.08 seconds, which is the fastest stumping time in the globe! His stumping is the quickest ever performed. In ODI cricket, he has an extraordinary dismissal-per-innings rate of 1.286%.

2. Ben Cox Against Callum MacLeod

Ben Cox’s unintentional stumping of Callum MacLeod placed him among the top five quickest stumpings in cricket. Ed Barnard delivered the first ball of the over, which he pitched halfway and angled toward the batter.

Top 10 Fastest Stumping in Cricket Timing

MacLeod aimed for a single by flicking the ball to the third baseman. However, the ball struck Cox’s pad and rebounded to the stumps, making it one of the quickest stumpings in the annals of cricket. The batter ran for a single marginally outside of his crease. However, by the time he realized it, he was already baffled by coincidence.

3. MS Dhoni Against Shaun Marsh

In 2012, Mahendra Singh Dhoni was instrumental in dismissing Australian batsman Shaun Marsh in the third ODI of India’s tour to Australia in Melbourne. Dhoni, who had previously lost Marsh’s catch off of Indian all-rounder Kedar Jadhav’s bowling, made amends as Marsh was dismissed after a brief respite.

Marsh attempted to leave the crease in response to a leg-side wide delivery, but he was unable to connect with the ball. On the first delivery of the 24th over, however, Dhoni successfully retrieved the ball and removed the bails. This is also one of the quickest stumpings in Dhoni’s cricket career.

4. Mark Boucher against Marvan Atapattu

The cricketing world witnessed Mark Boucher’s extraordinary vision. In a 2016 match against Sri Lanka, he dismissed Marvan Atapattu with a sweep of the ball while pleading for caught behind the wicket.

Top 10 Fastest Stumping in Cricket Timing

While Boucher was appealing, Atapattu lost sight of the ball and inadvertently strayed out of his crease. Boucher took advantage of the situation by side flicking the ball to stumps while still appealing after witnessing Atapattu leave his crease. When the ball hit the wicket, Atapattu was well outside his safe zone, unable to fathom what had transpired in seconds.

5. Brendon McCullum Against Ricky Ponting

Southee had been causing Ponting issues with his rapid in-swingers in a simple run-chasing situation. With a target of 207, Australia was off to a flying start, thanks to batting a fantastic 100-run partnership between Shane Watson and Brad Haddin.

Top 10 Fastest Stumping in Cricket Timing

Ponting, on the other hand, appeared to struggle against Southee and took a while to reach double figures. When McCullum saw the batsman was outside the crease, he stepped up to the stumps, and Southee adjusted his bowling to around the wicket to deny Ponting any room.

6. Kumar Sangakkara Against Maher

On January 15, 2003, at the Gabba, during a VB series between the Australians and the Islanders, Kumar Sangakkara performed an exceptionally acrobatic stumping. Jimmy Maher, the Australian opener, attempted to advance down the pitch against spin maestro Muttiah Muralitharan but was thwarted by a viciously turning ball that caused Sanga to lose his balance as he reached to his extreme left to catch it.

Top 10 Fastest Stumping in Cricket Timing

Sanga, who caught the ball before it hit the ground, deflected it with his right hand toward the wicket and hit the target! The Sri Lankans were ecstatic when it was revealed that Maher was considerably off his ground. Sanga’s response indicates that even he was surprised by his agility. However, this will go down as one of the quickest stumpings in cricket history.

7. Bradley Barnes Against Saurabh Tiwary

It was one of the most awkward dismissals in the annals of cricket. In 2018, India’s U19 played against South Africa’s U19. The incident occurred with the final delivery of the 35th over of the Indian innings. The batsman, Saurabh Tiwary, had a score of 20. Due to limb pain, Tiwary was using Tanmay Srivastava as his runner.

Top 10 Fastest Stumping in Cricket Timing

South African spinner Yaseen Vallie delivered a low full delivery just outside the off stump. After gathering the ball, the South African wicketkeeper Bradley Barnes removed the bails from Tiwary’s bat. The replay revealed that Tiwary was safely within the crease while Srivastava was well outside of it.

8. Kumar Sangakkara Against Brian Lara

This reminds me of MS Dhoni’s dismissal of Mitchell Marsh. This is the perfect example to support the contention that Kumar Sangakkara is one of the world’s finest wicketkeepers. In 2007, during a match between Sri Lanka and the West Indies, the incident occurred.

Brian Lara attempted an off-drive on Chaminda Vaas but failed and dragged his foot in the air during the follow-on. This was one of the quickest stumpings in the history of cricket, as Sangakkara caught the ball and stumped Lara within the flicker of an eye.

9. Dinesh Karthik Against Michael Vaughan

This incident occurred at Lord’s during India’s match against England. England’s captain, Michael Vaughan, looked strong on the field, and none of the Indian bowlers were able to trouble him. Instead, 19-year-old Dinesh Kartik’s brilliant stumping took Vaughan’s wicket.

Top 10 Fastest Stumping in Cricket Timing

Vaughan surged within the crease by going out of the crease and faced Harbhajan. However, the right-hander misjudged the ball and was caught behind by Karthik, giving India the most important wicket of the day. The English were dismissed for 181 runs, giving India a surprise 23-run victory.

10. Adam Gilchrist Against Craig McMillan

In 2005, McGrath used a remarkable stumping to dismiss New Zealand batsman Craig McMillan for 37 off 31 balls, with Gilchrist standing just behind the wickets and plucking out the bails in a blink to create a record. For the first time in his career, McGrath was stumped.

Top 10 Fastest Stumping in Cricket Timing

When a pacer bowls, we usually see wicketkeepers stationed far behind the wicket. On McGrath’s bowling, however, Gilchrist dared to stand directly behind the wicket. McMillan attempted to tackle the ball but utterly missed it. The ball was passed to Gilchrist, who took advantage of the situation by flicking off the bails.

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