Top 10 Biggest and Most Powerful Bikes Under 2000cc in India!

The Question of Whether bigger is better is one we’ll leave alone for the time being – but there’s no denying that during the last decade or so, bikes have grown in size. A 1500cc Goldwing was deemed gigantic at the start of the millennium, but our list of the top 10 largest-capacity bikes shows it’s now simply a tiddler – you need 1700cc to gain admittance here.

Top 10 Bikes Under 2000cc in India

Besides, with its 6728cc aircraft-derived V-twin, the Leonhardt Gunbus would be an easy winner. So, simply regular manufactured bikes in showroom condition here.

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Second, we’re avoiding car-engined bikes; while a 6200cc Boss Hoss is technically a ‘production’ motorbike, its engine is derived from a Chevrolet automobile, so it’s out. Anyway, here’s the rundown. Please let us know if there is anything we have missed.

10. Triumph Thunderbird Storm – 1699cc

Top 10 2000cc Bikes in India

While the Thunderbird base model’s 1600-cc engine is too small to make the cut, the Storm’s 1699-cc engine is too large to avoid last place. It is fascinating for two reasons. First, it is a parallel twin as opposed to a V-twin, which is conventional for cruisers. Second, it is the only parallel twin on the list, making it the most prolific in terms of production.

9. Victory – 1731cc

Top 10 2000cc Bikes in India

No matter which models you choose, the 1731cc V-twin engine on the Victory ‘Freedom’ is sufficient to compete in the top ten. In the immediate future, it would surprise us if the company did not make adjustments and move it’s motor higher in the rankings.

8. Suzuki M1800/C1800 – 1783cc

Top 10 2000cc Bikes in India

Only three in, and we’re already discussing bicycles that identify themselves as “1800” Even though the M1800/C1800 engine is only 1783cc, it still surpasses an essential benchmark: the average car engine in the United Kingdom is 1740cc, making the Suzuki the first motorcycle on the list to be larger than most cars on our roads.

7. Honda VTX1800 – 1795cc

Top 10 2000cc Bikes in India

Honda’s VTX1800 was a cruiser market trendsetter, initiating the ongoing “mine’s bigger than yours” war. Don’t be surprised, however, if Honda re-enters the massive cruiser combat in the near future, as a Goldwing-powered cruiser is rumored to be on the agenda.

6. Harley-Davidson CVO bikes – 1802cc

Top 10 2000cc Bikes in India

Harley-Davidson’s CVO models, the company’s largest and most expensive offerings, now include the Twin Cam 110 engine. This equates to 110 cubic inches (1802cc). Power figures are never mentioned, but that’s not really what this engine is about; if you can claim to have the ‘largest Harley,’ then you’ve got the biggest bike on the planet in the eyes of the typical non-motorcyclist. Despite the fact that it is just number six on the list.

5. Indian Chief – 1811cc

Top 10 2000cc Bikes in India

The new Indian is a prime example of one-upmanship, having been released a few months previously with the company’s Thunder Stroke 111 engine. That’s 111 cubic inches compared to Harley’s 110. According to Nigel Tufnel “Well, it’s one decibel louder, isn’t it?” The new Indian engine is 1811cc in genuine – European cubic centimeter – terms.

4. Honda Goldwing – 1832cc

Top 10 2000cc Bikes in India

Finally! We get a bike that is neither a cruiser nor a twin after more than half the list is dominated by twin-cylinder cruisers. In reality, if the goal was to have the most cylinders, the Honda’s flat-six engine would be a contender. It was the largest production bike ever when it was released in 2000, and it’s still no tiddler with 1832cc.

3. Yamaha XV1900 – 1854cc

Top 10 2000cc Bikes in India

Back to cruisers and V-twins with Yamaha’s massive 1854cc XV1900. In America, the same engine drives a wide range of Star-branded machines, but over here, it’s XV1900 or nothing. As is often the case in the cruiser class, size does not correspond to power – there’s only 90bhp here, making it the largest capacity bike you can legally limit to the 47bhp A2 license class.

2. Kawasaki VN2000 – 2053cc

The VN2000 is no longer manufactured, but when it was introduced in 2004, it was intended to be the world’s largest production motorcycle. It was only bested by our number one machine, which debuted the same year.

Top 10 2000cc Bikes in India

Still, it’s the largest twin and has a fairly spectacular engine, with pushrods instead of overhead cams to emulate the traditional Harley design. Shout about the 2053cc displacement, but leave out the fact that it only produces 103bhp.

1. Triumph Rocket III – 2294cc

Although it’s not surprising to find two Honda engines on this list – Honda is the largest engine manufacturer in the world – it’s interesting to note that Triumph is the only other manufacturer to appear twice.

Top 10 2000cc Bikes in India

In addition to being the largest engine here, the Rocket’s 146 horsepower inline triple is also the most potent. It has the most torque at 163lbf, and its three-cylinder design makes it the only other engine in this comparison with more than two cylinders.

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