Tim Rogers’s Wife Shireta Rogers Cause of Death: A Look at Her Obituary and Funeral

Tim Rogers’s Wife Shireta Rogers Cause of Death: The funeral of Shireta Rogers was a sad time to remember and honor her life. Find out why someone died by reading this story.

Shireta Rogers, who was 46 years old, died in a sad way. She was married to Tim Rogers, a well-known preacher and singer.

People have shared their sorrow and prayed for Shireta’s family. Many of them were crushed when they heard about her death.

Jennifer Burrows was arrested and charged with being a worker at a morgue.

Shireta Rogers’s Death and Funeral

On Saturday, May 20, 2023, a tribute service was held for her at the Chickasaw Arena in Blytheville, Arkansas.

Tim Rogers & The Fellas, the pastor’s band, told everyone about the service and asked that, instead of flowers, people give money to a trust fund for their seven children.

Shireta Rogers’ body will be seen at the Prince of Peace Church in Blytheville before the service.

On May 3, the band put out a statement in which they asked for thoughts for First Lady Shireta Rogers and showed their love and appreciation.

Friends and family shared their sadness on social media after her death on May 9.

Tim Rogers's Wife Shireta Rogers Cause of Death:

Robert Weatherspoon, Shireta’s brother, said he was heartbroken and called her a beautiful angel. He asked for thoughts for their families during this hard time.

They will always remember Shireta, and they hope to see her again someday. Shireta, may you rest in peace.

Pastor Rogers got national news in 2018 when he said at the funeral of a young man in Blytheville that he thought Hell was made up, like Santa Claus.

He said that since there is no proof of Hell in the real world or from people who have been there, it must be made up.

Even though there might have been disagreements, Pastor Rogers shared his point of view with confidence. The people who had come to the church to mourn agreed with him.

Pastor Rogers talked to The Christian Post about how he is always looking for greater meaning and truth in his faith.

He said that he didn’t know for sure what happens to Christians and people who aren’t Christians after they die.

He talked about how he went on a spiritual trip and learned new things that still shaped his views.


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Tim Rogers’s Wife Shireta Rogers Cause of Death

Shireta Rogers’ family hasn’t said what caused her death. But six days after her husband’s band asked for prayers for her on May 3, her death was reported.

In their statement, the band sent First Lady Shireta Rogers love, blessings, and thanks for the help and wishes.

After her unexpected death on May 9, many of Shireta’s friends and family took to social media to share their sadness and fond memories of her.

The outpouring of sadness and tributes on social media shows how much she meant to those who knew her.

Even though the facts of her death are still private, the public display of grief on social media shows how important Rogers was to those who knew and loved her.

Tim Rogers's Wife Shireta Rogers Cause of Death:

It also shows how important community support is and how social media plays a role in bringing people together to mourn, share regrets, and enjoy the life of someone they loved.

During this hard time, it’s clear that Rogers’ memory will live on in the minds of those who miss her, and the love and support from the online community will help her family and friends feel better.

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