Tim Feerick Cause of Death: What Happened to Tim Feerick?

Tim Feerick Cause of Death: Tim Feerick, who played bass for Dance Gavin Dance for many years, has died. His band posted about his death on social media on April 13, saying that they are “absolutely devastated” by the “untimely loss” of their friend and bandmate. No one knows what caused the death.

Feerick, who was probably in his thirties, joined the band in 2009 as a traveling member, but he left in 2010. Then, in 2012, he came back and has played on every record since then, including the most recent one, 2020’s Afterburner.

Who was Tim Feerick?

Feerick was an American artist who was known for playing bass for the band Dance Gavin Dance. Since 2009, when he joined the band for the first time, he has been with the group. Even though Feerick was a well-known artist, not much is known about his personal life because he stayed out of the press. Feerick had more than 24,000 people following him on Instagram, where he often wrote about his life and trips.

Tim Feerick Cause of Death

Right now, there are a lot of questions about Tim’s death. The New York Post says that the reason for his death has not yet been found. His bandmates wrote a touching tribute to him on Twitter. It says, “We are heartbroken to tell you that our friend and bass player, Tim Feerick, died last night. We ask that you give us and Tim’s family space while we deal with his sudden and heartbreaking death.”

Tim Feerick Cause of Death

It went on to say, “We’ll let you know when we have more information about SwanFest and our upcoming tour dates.” SwanFest is a music event that will happen on Saturday, April 23, for those who don’t know about it. Ticketmaster says that tickets are still for sale for $50 per adult. But now that Tim has heard this terrible news, it’s possible that the other members of his band will change their plans about playing at the event.

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What Happened to Tim Feerick?

Tim Feerick, a well-known drummer for Dance Gavin Dance, died between April 13 and April 14, the band said in a statement. Feerick was in Dance Gavin Dance for a long time. He started working there in 2009 and left the next year. He played bass guitar on Afterburner, the band’s most recent record, which came out last year. In 2012, he joined the band again, taking the place of bassist Eric Lodge. No one knows what caused him to die.

Fans Gathered to Mourn for Feerick’s Death

After the rock band Dance Gavin Dance announced on Wednesday that their drummer Tim Feerick had died, another death in the music business has been confirmed. In honor of Feerick, a small group of friends and fans of the band Dance Gavin Dance got together Thursday night outside the city’s Afterburner mural to light candles and play Dance Gavin Dance songs on a sound system.

Tim Feerick Cause of Death

Dance Gavin Dance’s music is a mix of punk, screamo, and jazz fusion, and his CDs have sold more than a million copies. “Tree City Sessions” (2016) and “Tree City Sessions 2” (2020) are his most recent albums. Both have been played more than a billion times on Spotify. Dance Gavin Dance has a number of headlining tour shows coming up later this month, as well as a performance at the When We Were Young event in Las Vegas in October.

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Tim Feerick, a well-known bass player for Dance Gavin Dance, has died. The band announced his death on social media, expressing their deep grief and uncertainty about his cause. Feerick, who joined the band in 2009 and left in 2010, played on every record since then, including the most recent album, 2020’s Afterburner. The cause of his death remains unknown. The band plans to announce more information about SwanFest and upcoming tour dates.

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