The World’s First XTURISMO Flying Bike – Price | Specifications and Much More!

In America, XTurismo was spotted at the Detroit Auto Show. AERWINS Technology, a Japanese startup company, manufactured this hoverbike. Reuters reports that the XTURISMO hoverbike can fly for up to 40 minutes at velocities of up to 62 miles per hour.

The cycle is already available for purchase in Japan and will be available in the United States next year. The cost of the flying bicycle that reminded Internet users of speeder cycles from Star Wars was $777,000. The motorcycle is an elevated version of a road bike and is propelled by electricity. In an effort to make science-fiction stories a reality, the startup has retained a design resembling a dystopian spaceship.

The cycle weighs approximately 300 kilograms and can support 100 kilograms of payload to ensure that it remains airborne. The bike’s internal combustion engine and batteries enable it to fly for up to 40 minutes at speeds of up to 99 kilometers per hour.

To prevent accidents, the startup has equipped the cycle with 3D control systems, air-route designs, and mapping controls, as well as added sensors to detect any obstacles encountered while flying. The motorcycle also features a dedicated app that keeps passengers informed of their vehicle’s health and location at all times.

AERWINS CEO Shuhei Komatsu stated during the presentation of the flying bike, “Our vision is to become the leading company in the Air Mobility Eco-Sci System.” By building a comprehensive business approach that combines hardware, software, and services, we hope to be unique in the air mobility sector.”

The vehicle’s test video did not necessarily win many over online, as many were concerned about the safety of riders and those around them, while others criticized the vehicle’s design.

How Does the Hoverbike Work?

The hoverbike’s propulsion is provided by two large central rotors driven by a 228-hp gasoline-powered Kawasaki motorcycle performance engine. In addition to the primary rotors, four smaller electric support rotors are set on the outer edges of the vehicle for stability.

The World's First XTURISMO Flying Bike

Currently, the hoverbike’s lightweight carbon fiber body weighs only 299 kilograms and measures approximately 3 meters in length. The hoverbike also includes a safety-enhancing automatic control unit.

Cost and Accessibility of The World’s First XTURISMO Flying Bike

The XTURISMO hoverbike is priced at a hefty $777,500 (over Rs 6 crore). However, according to Shuhei Komatsu, founder, and CEO of AERWINS, the company plans to sell a lesser version in the United States in 2023.

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Additionally, the founder of AERWINS stated that the company is attempting to reduce the price of a smaller, electric variant to $50,000, but it will take two to three years and will not be available until 2025.

In Japan, the hoverbike is already for sale. In Japan, however, the XTurismo is only permitted to fly or hover over racetracks due to stringent regulations governing such vehicles. Eventually, the company intends to mass-produce all-electric hoverbikes for urban use and even emergency response and search and rescue.

Key Specifications of The World’s First XTURISMO Flying Bike

  • VTOL hoverbikes are both all-electric and hybrid-electric
  • Number of passengers: 1
  • Manual flight (aided by a computer)
  • Cockpit: A motorcycle-like space with handlebars and a seat of that design
  • 100 km/h is the top speed
  • The maximum time for the flight: 40 min
  • Engines: N/A
  • Two lift propellers with safety grating and three blades each
  • Forward and directional electric fans: 4
  • 50 centimeters (20 inches) is the altitude
  • Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) fuselage
  • Deep learning, 3D rendering, blockchain platforms, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) control, three-dimensional control systems and air route designs, artificial intelligence (AI), and sensors are all examples of safety equipment and software that keep airplanes in urban airspace flying safely.

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