The Ultimate Guide to What to Watch on Hulu, Netflix and More in 2023

September typically stands out as the prime television month, marking the commencement of the fall TV season. However, this year is far from traditional, with strikes by writers and actors for fair wages causing a slight decrease in the usual lineup. This is where streaming services come to the fore, offering entertainment choices. These include Apple TV’s The Changeling, Hulu’s The Other Black Girl, Netflix’s Sex Education, and Prime Video’s Gen V.

#1 The Changeling

Airing on September 8th, Apple TV+ presents The Changeling, a captivating new series that follows the life of Apollo Kagwa (played by LaKeith Stanfield). Apollo, a rare book dealer, is thrust into the supernatural when his wife (played by Clark Backo) commits an unfathomable act of violence and mysteriously vanishes. Determined to uncover the truth, Apollo embarks on a journey through an unforeseen version of New York City. Based on Victor LaVelle’s novel of the same name, this uniquely mesmerizing and spellbinding tale is a perfect choice for fall entertainment.

#2 Bachelor in Paradise and The Golden Bachelor

The influence of the Bachelor franchise extends all the way to Sayulita, Mexico, where rejected contestants from The Bachelor and Bachelorette get a second chance at finding love and social media fame on Bachelor in Paradise. This spin-off is hailed as the franchise’s finest installment due to its self-awareness and the unique psychological challenges it presents to the participants. While this year’s lineup may appear underwhelming (bring back Clare Crawley!), true character is revealed in how one reacts to one partner engaging in intimate acts with another. Additionally, The Golden Bachelor, which seamlessly merges the excitement of The Bachelor with the world of senior citizens, will premiere on the same night.

#3 The Other Black Girl

Zakiya Dalila Harris’ debut novel, The Other Black Girl, tells the gripping tale of Nella, an editorial assistant at a New York publishing house. When another Black woman, Hazel, joins the company, Nella initially sees her as an ally. However, as Hazel excels in her role, Nella’s excitement turns into suspicion, unveiling a sinister plot within the company. The novel draws inspiration from Jordan Peele’s Get Out, infusing elements of horror into the already daunting challenge of navigating the predominantly white publishing industry.

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#4 Starstruck

Someone logs onto the internet every day to mourn the demise of the romantic comedy genre. Luckily, Rose Matafeo’s Starstruck returns with Season 3, delving into what occurs after the initial romance. After Jessie (Matafeo) and Tom (Nikesh Patel) share a kiss in the pond, things don’t go as expected for their happily ever after. Instead, Starstruck jumps two years ahead, where Jessie and Tom have split, Tom is engaged to someone new, and Jessie grapples with her life’s direction. Very few shows can deliver laughter, tears, and existential crises all at once, which explains why we keep coming back for more.

#5 Gen V

The bizarre and repulsively fascinating world of The Boys is venturing into uncharted territory – college. This new Prime Video spin-off, based on a comic arc, follows young individuals with superpowers competing for supremacy at the Vought-operated Godolkin University. Here, students disintegrating into a crimson mist is a routine occurrence. The intense rivalry resembles The Hunger Games, but rumor has it that the repulsiveness surpasses its predecessor. Don’t be surprised if some familiar faces from The Boys make guest appearances. Imagine if Homelander crashed your kegger.

#6 The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

The Ultimate Guide to What to Watch on Hulu, Netflix and More in 2023

Daryl Dixon (portrayed by Norman Reedus), the standout character of The Walking Dead franchise, embarks on an unprecedented global adventure amid a zombie apocalypse. Venturing to France (!!), he takes inspiration from HBO’s The Last of Us as he embraces his role as a brooding rebel. Tasked with safeguarding a child who may hold the key to humanity’s survival, he navigates a world overrun by the undead. Maybe lightning will strike twice. Reedus, in his characteristic enthusiastic fashion, proudly declares to EW, “We’re creating art.”


The shift in focus from television to streaming services is quite logical and natural. They have a really big library and it is constantly updated with new masterpieces. In September alone, 6 cool films and series will be released, this is not counting the show. This means that in a year you can view up to 100 unique, new, and high-quality paintings. Television simply has nothing to oppose this.

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