The Incredibles 3 Release Date: Confirmed or Cancelled? Everything We Know So Far!

Pixar Animation Studios created and produced the popular American computer-animated superhero film franchise The Incredibles. The franchise comprises two feature pictures, both of which were released in 2004 and 2018.

The Incredibles 3 Renewal Status

The Incredibles 3 has yet to be formally renewed, but there is much anticipation that it will. Jim Morris, Pixar’s president, stated in 2019 that the studio was “definitely interested” in developing an Incredibles 3 sequel. He also stated that they would need to create a tale “worthy” of the first two films.

Brad Bird, the filmmaker of the previous two Incredibles movies, stated in 2021 that he was “open” to shooting an Incredibles 3. He stated that he would have to be “really excited” about the story before agreeing to direct it.

While there is no official announcement on whether or not Incredibles 3 will be made, it appears to be a very serious possibility. Fans must simply wait and see what happens.

The Incredibles 3 Release Date

Incredibles 3 does not yet have an official release date. There are, however, some speculations and speculation about when it will be released. According to one rumor, Incredibles 3 will be launched in 2024. This rumor is based on Pixar’s track record of releasing sequels 14 years after the original film. The Incredibles was published in 2004, thus a sequel in 2024 would be ideal.

According to another theory, Incredibles 3 will be launched in 2026. This rumor is based on Disney’s release timetable for upcoming films, and Incredibles 3 is scheduled to be released in 2026. However, because this is not an official release timetable, it is possible that it will be altered.

The Incredibles 3 Cast

The cast of Incredibles 3 has not yet been formally confirmed, but the majority of the cast from the previous two films is expected to return. Here is a list of verified and rumored Incredibles 3 cast members.

Here is the confirmed Incredibles 3 cast:

Character Voice Actor
Bob Parr / Mr. Incredible Craig T. Nelson
Helen Parr / Elastigirl Holly Hunter
Violet Parr Sarah Vowell
Dashiell Parr Huck Milner
Lucius Best / Frozone Samuel L. Jackson
Jack-Jack Parr unspecified
Edna Mode Brad Bird

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The Incredibles 3 Plotline

The premise of Incredibles 3 is uncertain, however, it will most likely start up where the second film left off. The Parr family was finally allowed to come out of hiding and live their lives as superheroes in the second film. They did, however, face problems, such as the emergence of a new adversary, Screenslaver.

The Incredibles 3 Release Date

Incredibles 3 could go deeper into the Parr family’s efforts to balance their superhero lives with their everyday lives. In addition, the film could introduce new enemies or threats to the world.

Whatever the plot is, it will undoubtedly be fascinating and action-packed. The Incredibles is a beloved property, and fans can’t wait to see what happens to the Parr family next.

The Incredibles 3 Trailer

There is currently no official trailer for Incredibles 3. The film is still in development and will not be released until 2024 or 2025. However, the Incredibles 2 trailer is available here.

Where to Watch The Incredibles 3?

Because The Incredibles 3 has not yet been released, it is not available for viewing anywhere. The film is set to be released in 2024 or 2025, thus it will most likely be available in cinemas and on streaming sites at that time.

Here are some streaming providers that may carry Incredibles 3 Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Peacock.

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The Incredibles Rating

The film The Incredibles is rated PG for action violence and some moderate thematic elements. As a result, some content may not be appropriate for all children.

The film’s action violence includes scenes of superheroes fighting villains, using their powers to inflict harm, and people getting harmed. Some of the violence is explicit, and a few scenes may be too harsh for younger audiences.

Overall, The Incredibles is an entertaining film for both older children and adults. However, because of the action violence and thematic elements, it is not suitable for younger children. The show has an 8/10 rating on IMDb, based on 777,036 user ratings. The show has a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes,


The Incredibles 3 is a long-awaited sequel that has been in the works for several years. Because the film is currently in the early phases of development, no official information regarding the narrative, characters, or release date is available. Brad Bird, who directed the first two Incredibles flicks, will return to direct the third. The original cast members of the first two films are scheduled to return. 

The film will take place in the same timeline as the first two films. I’m looking forward to seeing what Brad Bird and the Pixar crew have in store for us with The Incredibles 3. I am confident that it will be a hit among franchise enthusiasts.

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