Thalapathy 67 Release Date Confirmed: Check Out the Latest Promo for Leo – Bloody Sweet!

Find out when Thalapathy 67 will come out, who will be in it, how much it will cost, the latest news, and much more in today’s story. It’s being said that Thalapathy 67 Release Date will come out this year. This picture, which has a lot of action, crime, and suspense, is almost ready to come out. It is thought that it will be in theatres on October 19. Fans have been waiting for this news about the Thalapathy 67 Launch date for a long time, so let’s go ahead and tell you more about it. Fans also want to know if there is any clear information about this movie.

Thalapathy 67 Release Date

On February 3, the official trailer for Thalapathy 67, called “Leo,” was posted on the YouTube page for Sony Music India. This showed that the film’s name is indeed “Leo.”

In the Bloody Sweet ad, the title “Leo” was confirmed, and it was also said that the movie would come out on October 19, 2023.

Thalapathy 67 Release Date

In the preview, Vijay makes what looks like delicious chocolate and a big steel sword at the same time. At the end of the trailer, there is a shot of Vijay dipping the sword in the chocolate as a big group of SUVs rush to his forge.

The new promo video is interesting because it has some similarities to the teaser for the Vikram reveal, which showed Kamal Haasan making a buffet for a group of police officers and politicians.

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Thalapathy 67 Cast and Crew

Over the past few days, the Seven Screen Studio Twitter account has been busy sharing brand new images for the new staff members in the upcoming Thalapathy 67 movie, which is now called Leo.

The news that fan-favourite star Sanjay Dutt would be joining the team was probably the biggest drop. In a message posted online, Dutt said, “When I heard the one-liner of Thalapathy67, I knew right then and there that I had to be a part of this film, and I’m thrilled to start this journey.”

“The script calls for a lot of powerful bad guys, and who better than Sanjay Dutt to play one of the many bad guys in this movie that doesn’t have a name yet?” Lokesh has been talking with Sanjay Dutt for a while, and now things are starting to make sense. The star was paid a huge sum of Rs 10 crore to be in the movie. – Inside source, via Pinkvilla.

Thalapathy 67 Release Date

A source close to Pinkvilla said that Dutt would be paid a huge Rs 10 Crore to be in the future movie. Dutt will be joined in the new movie by another newcomer, Priya Anand. Anand said she was “thrilled to be a part of Thalapathy67” and “looking forward to working with such an amazing cast and crew!”

Mansoor Ali Khan, an actor, and Dance Master Sandy, a dancer, are also going to join the team:

“It’s a new and exciting feeling to see me as an actor in #Thalapathy67, the most prestigious project directed by our dear Lokesh Kanagaraj. I can’t find the right words to describe how excited I am to be on screen with our one and only Thalapathy Vijay sir.” – Seven Screen Studio, on Twitter.

Officially, director Mysskin was also added to the production team.

“I worked as an assistant director on Vijay’s film 21 years ago. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the bond we have. This makes me even happier, especially because Lokesh and I love and admire each other. I can’t wait to see you all at the theatres to see Thalapathy 67.” – Mysskin, via Twitter.

For the past few weeks, online reports have been spreading like wildfire that the new Thalapathy 67 movie has already started filming. Thank goodness, Seven Screen Studio announced on January 30 that filming did start on January 2, 2023.

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“The project, which has the working title “Thalapathy 67,” is being directed by the “master maker” Lokesh Kanagaraj, produced by S S Lalit Kumar, and co-produced by Jagadish Palanisamy. The filming started on January 2, 2023, and is moving along quickly. Thalapathy Vijay and Lokesh Kanagaraj are working on the project together again after the huge success of their last movie, “Master.” – Seven Screen Studio, on Twitter.

Thalapathy 67 Storyline

The leaked story says that the main character, Vijay, is 50 years old and lives with his wife and daughter. Something strange happens at this time. People say that the story of the movie is about how the peaceful life of the main character goes violent.

Trailer for Thalapathy 67

Information is being received in the discussion that the promo of Thalapathi 67 has been released on February 3, in fact, let us tell you that the advertisement of Thalapathi 67 is connected to Michael Sandeep Kishan’s film, which was released in theatres on February 3.

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