Taylor Swift New Album Release Date: Speak Now Album Tracklist Details

Taylor Swift New Album Release Date: Taylor Swift has finally revealed that her new re-recorded album is called Speak Now. She has been dropping hints about the new album in her recent music videos.

On July 7, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) will be released. As has become custom, the project will include six extra songs “From the Vault,” which will be a lot of fun. It will have a total of 22 songs, and ‘If This Was a Movie’ is probably not going to be one of them. Even though “If This Was A Movie” was on the original special version of “Speak Now,” Swift has already dropped “If This Was A Movie (Taylor’s Version)” as part of “Fearless (Taylor’s Version),” so we don’t think it will be on the new album.

Taylor Swift Announces Speak Now Album as Next Re-Recorded Album

Fans were surprised when the pop star told them that ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’ is next on the Eras Tour stop in Nashville on Friday. Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is coming, that much is certain. Taylor Swift said during her first of three shows at Nissan Stadium in Nashville on Friday night (May 5) that her next re-recorded album will be her third studio album from 2010. It will come out on July 7.

Swift’s fans were also able to see the announcement because the Taylor Nation Instagram account broadcast the moment live from the show. She told the people to look at the screens around the stadium, where the words “Speak Now. The version by Taylor. On sale on July 7.”

Swifties knew something was up last Sunday when the wristbands they were given at the end of the Eras Tour show at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium went purple. Fans have long thought that Speak Now, which is purple, would be the next song to be re-recorded. In Nashville, the lights on the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge were also changed to a bright violet color on Friday night to enjoy the news.

Speak Now Album Tracklist Details

Fans of Taylor Swift know that 13 sleepless nights equals 13 songs, and that number may not be an accident. Swift, who was born on December 13, has said for a long time that 13 is her lucky number. She has mentioned it many times in her work and music catalog. It looks like Midnight will keep this up.

Swift posted about the album’s tracklist on Instagram. The A-side starts with “Lavender Haze” and has names like “Anti-Hero” and “You’re On Your Own, Kid” that make you think. Songs on Side B with titles like “Karma,” “Sweet Nothing,” and “Mastermind” are also catchy.

Speak Now Album is Available For Pre-Order Now

Swift’s official website says that the vinyl version of Midnights will have a “unique moonstone blue marbled color vinyl disc,” a “collectible album sleeve” with different full-sized photos of the artist, and a “collectible 8-page lyric booklet with never-before-seen photos.”

Taylor Swift Speak Now Album Release Date

The CD version has a “moonstone blue marbled color disc,” “unique disc artwork,” and a 24-page version of the lyric booklet, which includes pictures that have never been seen before. Check GRAMMY.com and this space for more information about Midnights as it comes out.

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Taylor Swift Speak Now Album Release Date

Swifties, get together! After almost a year of rumors and guesses, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is finally going to happen, and it won’t be long now. Taylor’s Version of Speak Now will come out on July 7. Six new tracks will be added to the vault.

Taylor released the music video for “Bejewelled” in October 2022. Fans noticed that the whole video seems to contain many clues that Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) will be her next re-recording release. They were right, too! A string version of “Enchanted” plays at the beginning of the movie, and a string version of “Long Live” plays at the end. On top of that, Taylor wears ‘SN’ hairclips in the video, and the video came out on Speak Now’s birthday, October 25.

The fact that Taylor goes into a lift in the video where each of the 13 numbers is the same as one of her albums might have been the biggest hint of all. She presses the purple “3” button. Taylor’s third record, “Speak Now,” has a lot of purple in it. Floor 13 is also shown to be purple, just like Speak Now. The new record, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), is her 13th.


Taylor Swift has revealed her new re-recorded album, Speak Now, which will include six extra songs and 22 songs. It will come out on July 7, with 13 Sleepless Nights equaling 13 songs. Taylor Swift’s new album Midnights is available for pre-order now, and Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is her 13th re-recording release. The music video for “Bejewelled” contains clues that it will be her 13th.

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