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People who love movies are always excited about new movies coming out, and “Tariq” is one of those movies that has caught people’s attention. “Tariq” has a skilled cast and is directed by a well-known director. It looks like it will be a captivating movie. In this article, we talk about when the much-anticipated movie will come out and why people are so excited about it.

About Tariq

Tariq is a 2023 Indian Hindi-language drama/thriller movie directed by Arun Gopalan and produced by John Abraham, Sandeep Leyzell, and Ritesh Shah under the names of JA Entertainment, Bake My Cake Films, and Maddock Films. The film stars John Abraham, Rukmini Maitra, and Gajala. The movie takes place in Glasgow, Scotland, and is about a man who sees the ghost of his dead wife everywhere he goes.

Tariq Movie Release Date

“Tariq” is a movie that is full of mystery and tension. The main character of the story is the mysterious Tariq, a normal guy whose life takes a surprising turn when he gets caught up in a web of lies and secrets. As the story goes on, people will be drawn into Tariq’s journey, which is full of turns and twists that keep them on the edge of their seats.

Tariq Movie Release Date

The release date for “Tariq” has finally been set, after months of waiting. The movie is set to come out in cinemas on 15 August 2023. Fans of the cast and team and people who like movies are excited about this news. When the movie comes out, people will finally be able to see the result of all the hard work and imagination that went into making it.

Tariq Movie Cast

John Abraham, Sandeep Leyzell, and Ritesh Shah are the confirmed cast members for the movie. The great cast and team of “Tariq” is one reason why people are so excited about it. The stars in the movie are all very good, and their performances really bring the characters to life. The movie is also getting people excited because of the director’s vision and how well the whole team works together creatively.

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The making of “Tariq” has been a careful process in which every detail has been paid attention to. From finding places to making sets, the team behind the movie has worked hard to create a world that is beautiful to look at and easy to get lost in. We expect that the photography, production design, and visual effects will make the movie more enjoyable as a whole.

Tariq Movie Plot

The ghost of Tariq’s dead wife keeps following him around. He tries to move on with his life, but her spirit is always there to remind him of her. Tariq understands in the end that he needs to face his past in order to find peace.

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The fact that the release date has been announced has made people more excited and raised their expectations for “Tariq.” Movie fans can’t wait to see the film because it promises to have a great story, great acting, and great technical work. The clip and other marketing materials have already gotten good feedback, making people even more excited about the release.

Is there any Trailer for Tariq Movie?

The people making “Tariq” Movie haven’t shown any teasers or trailers yet.


“Tariq” is an upcoming movie with a story that will keep people guessing and a cast of skilled actors. “Tariq” is going to be a movie worth waiting for, thanks to its interesting story, its careful production, and the excitement surrounding its release. Movie fans and fans of the genre are eagerly counting down the days until they can see “Tariq” on the big screen and find out all of its secrets and mysteries.

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