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After the IPL 2023, JIO Cinema is going to be the place to go for movies and web shows. Asur 2 is winning on this platform right now, and if the hype is true, Taali might also win positive praise.

Sushmita Sen, a Bollywood star and former Miss Universe, is getting ready to return to the digital world with her new web series called Taali. This is after she won hearts with her performance in the highly acclaimed crime thriller series Aarya.

The story of a transgender person will be the focus of the unique biographical series Taali. Yes, you did hear right!! Well, it’s based on Gauri Sawant, a social worker who has done a lot to make society a better place for poor people and transgender people.

In this article, we will explore the release date of Taali and provide you with all the information you need to anticipate this unique cinematic experience.

Taali Release Date

The series is being made for the OTT platform Jio Cinema. The creators haven’t said when it will come out, but it’s likely to come out in July 2023. In November 2022, Taali was finished.

On March 29, the dubbing and promotion shoot for Taali came to an end, and Sushmita Sen posted videos and pictures from the shoot on Instagram.

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Taali Cast & Crew

The Marathi director Ravi Jadhav, whose films Balgandharva won three National Awards, is in charge of the series. Kshitij Patwardhan, Amol Udgirkar, and Edwin Desouza wrote the scripts. Shreegauri Sawant, played by the star Sushmita Sen, is the name of the show.

Taali Release Date

Arjun Singgh Baren and Kartik D Nishandar are the ones who made it. Along with Afeefa Nadiadwala, they both work as producers as well.

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The show has already started filming, and it is said that more than 300 transgender people will be in it, which is a new record. It should be done being filmed by December.

Taali Story

The series will focus on Gauri Sawant, a transgender fighter from Mumbai who is currently the Director of Sakhi Char Chowghi, an organization that helps transgender people and people with HIV/AIDS. It will show the most important things that have happened in her life and her fights. She used to be the face of the Election Commission in the state of Maharashtra.

Taali Release Date

The series is called “Taali,” which means “clap,” because, in India, transgender people are often thought of as a group that claps near people to ask for money. Sreegauri Sawant has broken this idea and becomes a role model for many people. She took in a girl who was left alone to be sold as a prostitute in a ditch.

Taali First Look Out

The show has been in the news for weeks, but an image is what made it official. On October 6, 2022, Sushmita Sen put up a picture of how she looked as transgender activist Gauri Sawant. She looks very elegant in the picture, and this poster is a great example of what perfection looks like.

Since the actress posted it on Instagram, people are talking about it on social media because they like the actress’s new look. She posted the poster on Facebook with the words “Taali- Bajaungi Nahi, Bajwanungi” as the description.


Taali will take people on a magical and unforgettable trip with its beautiful music, stunning visuals, and heartfelt stories. Even though the official release date hasn’t been released yet, fans and enthusiasts can’t wait to dive into the world of Taali. As this musical extravaganza plays out in front of you, you can expect to feel your soul move.

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