Sulochana Latkar Cause of Death: What Did Madhuri Dixit Say About Sulochana Ji?

During the weekend, the country lost another star from Hindi cinema, renowned actress Sulochana Latkar. At the age of 94, the late actress passed away on Sunday in a hospital in Mumbai after a protracted illness. On May 8, she was given hospital admission after developing a respiratory infection.

Sulochana Latkar, A Veteran Actress, Passed Away at Age 94.

Actress Sulochana Latkar’s death was caused by: Sulochana Latkar, an actress who was 94 years old, passed away on Sunday, June 4 in a hospital in Mumbai after a protracted illness.

Who Was Sulochana Latkar?

Sulochana Latkar, who was born in Rangu Diwan on July 30, 1928, had a fascinating personality and had a lasting impression on Hindi and Marathi films. She charmed audiences with her various acting abilities, leaving them in awe of her brilliance and charisma. She was better known by her screen name Sulochana.

She appeared in an astounding 250 Hindi films during the course of her remarkable career, which spanned several decades, and about 50 Marathi films.

Sulochana’s career in film was studded with outstanding performances that gave her fans a special place in their hearts. Her significant performances in Marathi movies including “Sasurvas” (1946), “Vahinichya Bangdya” (1953), “Meeth Bhakar,” “Sangtye Aika” (1959), and “Dhakti Jau” demonstrated her exceptional acting talent and mesmerized viewers with her on-screen presence.

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Started To Ending Journey Of Sulochana Latkar

An iconic figure who began her career in the 1940s has appeared in Marathi and Hindi films. In her six-decade career, the veteran actress appeared in more than 250 films, and social media has been swamped with tributes to her. “The loss of Sulochana Ji leaves a significant hole in the Indian film industry. Our culture has been enhanced by her remarkable performances”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid tribute to Latkar and noted that her enduring performances had won her fans from all generations.

Amitabh Bachchan paid tribute to Sulochana Latkar

Amitabh Bachchan, the biggest actor in Bollywood, paid tribute to Latkar, who portrayed his “gentle, generous, caring mother” in multiple films. He claimed to be in touch with her family, but the news of her passing made him feel down.

Sulochana Latkar Cause of Death (1)

Sulochana Ji, the kind, giving, and caring mother who appeared in several of my films, has passed away. She had been ill for some time, and this afternoon she went to live with the Lord in his heavenly dwelling. I had been keeping an eye on her health with her family, but now the tragic news! In such forgiving conditions, we can only pray.

Fortunately, I was able to return for the GOJ despite the fact that I had work today as well, but the news of Sulochan.

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What Did Madhuri Dixit Say About Sulochana Ji?

Sulochana’s ‘tai’ (older sister) is regarded as “one of the most loved and graceful actresses” in film, according to actress Madhuri Dixit Nene. “‘Sangate Aika’ will always be my favorite of her films. She gave standout performances in all of her movies. May you find serenity; I will miss our discussions. We shall never forget your contribution to Indian cinema, she tweeted.

Achievements of Sulochana Latkar

Latkar Ji outstanding accomplishments, she received the prestigious Padma Shri award in 1999. This acknowledgment provided as proof of her enormous talent and profound influence on the film business.As recognition for her outstanding body of work and her long impact in the film industry, Sulochana was given the prestigious Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004.

The honor recognized her extraordinary career, which spanned several decades, as well as her extraordinary talent and major contributions to Indian cinema. Sulochana received the Maharashtra Bhushan Award from the Maharashtra government in 2009 in honor of her tremendous efforts.

Her extraordinary accomplishments and the significant contribution she had made to Maharashtra’s cultural environment were recognized by this distinguished state-level prize.

These honors, such as the Padma Shri, Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award, and Maharashtra Bhushan Award, were proof of Sulochana Latkar’s exceptional talent, devotion, and incredible journey in the film industry.

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Sasurvas, Vahinichya Bangdya, Sangte Aika, Ek Daav Bhutachaa, and other films are some of her most well-known works. The Indian government bestowed the Padma Shri honor upon Sulochana in 1999. She received a prize for her lifetime of work at the 2004 Filmfare Awards. The Maharashtra government had also bestowed the “Maharashtra Bhushan Award” upon the seasoned actress.

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