Street Flow 2 Release Date: Plotline, Returning Cast and Where to Watch

Street Flow 2 Release Date: Street Flow, also called Banlieusards, is a French drama movie written by Kery James and directed by Lela Sy. The main character of the story is Noumouké, a 15-year-old from a suburb of Paris. He has to decide whether to follow in the path of his gangster brother Demba or of law student Soulaymaan.

The movie’s cast includes Bakary Diombera, Jammeh Diangana, and a lot of other actors and women. The movie was added to Netflix on October 12, 2019. Netflix says that more than 2.6 million people watched Street Flow in the first week after it came out. Now, Street Flow 2 is about to come out on Netflix in September.

Street Flow 2 Release Date

The date that Street Flow 2 comes out on Netflix is September 27, 2023. The three Traore brothers are trying to make a better life for themselves and stay away from crime. Demba tries to move on with his life without getting payback, and Noumouké is stuck in a fight between the two rival neighborhoods. Soulaymaan, meanwhile, starts taking steps to become a lawyer.

Where to Watch Street Flow 2?

Netflix lets you view Street Flow 2, so you can watch it there. At this time, people will be able to watch it. Netflix members will be able to watch the movie when it comes out, and if you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here.

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What is the Plot of Street Flow Season 2?

This is the story of the Traore brothers, who are from Mali and live in a poor area outside of Paris. Demba is the oldest dealer, and he runs a successful but dangerous business. Soulaymann is a hard worker who gets good grades in law school.

Street Flow 2 Release Date

Noumouke, a high school student who gets into trouble a lot, looks up to Demba, who drives a fancy car and carries a lot of cash. Their mother, Khadijah, is sick and worried because their father died a long time ago. Soulaymann goes to school in Paris every day, then rushes back to the suburbs to teach young kids.

Soulaymann defends the government and builds a case that goes against what he knows to be true. At the same time, he gets ready for a debate with Lisa (Chloe Jouannet), who will say that the state is failing its weakest citizens. This leads to a short time together. Noumouke is kicked out of school because he accidentally hit a teacher during a fight in gym class.

He asks Dembe for money, but Dembe tells him to stop asking and find another way to make money. So, he and a classmate break into the apartment of one of Dembe’s rival drug sellers and steal a lot of money. As things get worse, Khadijah has a stroke, and the movie ends in a dramatic way. Will Dembe be able to get along with his mother again? Will Noumouke continue to get worse? Can Soulaymann keep the peace in his family and still do well in school?

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Who are the Cast Members of Street Flow Season 2?

The Cast in “Street Flow 2” are:

Street Flow 2 Release Date

  • Bakary Diombera
  • Georgina Elizabeth Okon
  • Jammeh Diangana
  • Krystel Roche
  • Kadi Diarra
  • Sana Sri

The talented players in “Street Flow 2” will bring their roles to life and make the movie a must-see.


Street Flow is a French drama film directed by Lela Sy, featuring the Traore brothers, Noumouké, Demba, and Soulaymaan. The film follows Noumouké, a 15-year-old from a Paris suburb, as he decides whether to follow his brother’s path or pursue a career in law. The sequel, set to release on Netflix in September 2023, follows the Traore brothers’ struggles to make a better life and avoid crime. The film stars Bakary Diombera, Georgina Elizabeth Okon, Jammeh Diangana, Krystel Roche, Kadi Diarra, and Sana Sri.

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