Storm Damage and Mold Removal- Safeguarding Your Home and Health

Storms can come as torrential rain, violent winds or flood.Whatever form they come in, they can cause untold havoc wherever they occur. The most obvious destruction that a storm causes is often given attention and attended to. Rescue teams are organized to look out for missing persons, first responders come in to attend to the wounded and relief materials are brought in for displaced persons.

However, there is a silent damage that most people do not think of and that is Mold! This issue causes far more reaching damage than the ones that are by far more visible and attended to as urgent. You can check out this article for more information on molds and issues that arise from it.

In this article, we will look at the importance of mold removal after a storm to preserve the structural integrity of the house and the health of the occupants.

Understanding Storms and Water Intrusion

Storms in all its ramifications can lead to water intrusion in buildings and homes. Therefore it is important for homeowners or building superintendents to understand this concept and know how to take preventive measures and also curtail whatever damage it causes.

The following are ways in which storms result in water intrusion:-

  1. Roof damage
  2. Flooding
  3. Doors and window leaks
  4. Exterior wall and siding damage
  5. Leaky downspouts and gutters
  6. Branches and trees
  7. Foundation issues
  8. Ventilation issues
  9. Rising ground water levels
  10. Drainage problems

During and after a storm, a home is vulnerable and the above issues we have listed can cause water intrusion which in turn causes a lot of damage to the home. We have all seen the kind of devastation that occurs when a home is hit by a storm; from roof damage to destruction of properties from flooding, the list of what can go wrong is quite long.

After a storm, most home owners do all they can to salvage what they can and dry out the home. What most people do not pay attention to is the growth of mold. Once water intrusion occurs in a building, you can be sure that molds will grow in that building because moisture is an enabling factor for the growth of mold in any space.

What is Mold and How Does it Grow?

Mold is a fungi variant that grows on animal matter and plants. They are also referred to as mildew. They can also be found on wood, plaster board and furnishing such as curtain and carpets. You can even see them growing on boxes and books depending on where they are kept.

The best environment for the growth of this micro-organism is damp environments or poor ventilated places. Humidity also aids the growth of this micro-organism.  We have discussed some of the things that can cause water intrusion; these issues also lead to excessive moisture on home surfaces and also enhance humidity in a space.

However, humidity can be combated by adequately ventilating a room or space. This can be done by opening doors and windows; where this is inadequate, you can use exhaust fans to boost ventilation.

The Importance of Mold Removal after a Storm

It is important to check your home for moldafter a storm once you have dried out your home. Bear in mind that mildew grows very fast and within 48 hours, your home can be under a mold attack. Treating mold removal as high priority is important because this fungus can cause a lot of harm to the health of the occupants of the affected building.

The following are some health risks of mildew infestation:-

  1. Nasal congestion
  2. Sneezing and cough
  3. Respiratory infections
  4. Worsening of asthma and other allergic condition.

Tips for Choosing the Best Mold Removal Company

Seeing the health risks come with living in a mold infested space we believe that you will want to deal with it at once. There are many companies that say they are mold removal experts but not all of them perform as advertised. For this reason it is important that you know how to sift through the options to find the right one.

So find below essential tips that will help you make the right choice:-

  1. Check the service area that the company covers. They need to be close enough to respond on time and also give reasonable pricing because they do not have to travel long distance to come work for you.
  2. Inspect their papers to be sure that they have the right certification and license to operate in your location. Additionally, the certification assures you that they are duly qualified to carry out the remediation of your infected space.
  3. Be sure that they know how to test for mold and to ascertain the level of remediation you need.
  4. Ensure that the company is insured because removal of mildew is a health sensitive issue as such the company should have the right insurance for her workers and even customers.
  5. Look out for the right customer service. You can determine the type of service that a company will offer right from the first call to their customer service personnel. Check the vibe you get from the person that attends to your enquiry.This will help you know whether to hire them or not. Are they willing to answer all your questions without making you feel dumb? Do they exude confidence and induce same in you? Do not work with a company that makes you feel like they are doing you a favour.
  6. Carry out comparison shopping to ensure that you get the best price possible and also value for your money.
  7. Ask for warranty. This helps to assure you that the company will stand behind their work and you would not have to bother about mildew issues for the number of years that they guarantee. Bear in mind however that there will be conditions for the warranty.


Removing mold from your home is an important thing to do especially if you have been through a storm.  We have discussed some things that cause molds and how they affect the health of the occupants of affected buildings. We have also shared tips which we know will help you make an informed decision so bear them in mind going forward.

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