Still Up Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date and Spoilers: What Happened in Still Up Episode 4?

Still Up Season 1 Episode 5 will come out on Friday, October 6th. Still Up, which premiered on September 22, 2023, is one of the most popular British comedy TV shows. This show became very popular after just a few episodes, so much so that it now has a new season. Yes! Still Up Season 1 has finally started, and a few episodes have already been shown.

Fans are so impressed with this show that after the last episode came out, they couldn’t wait to find out when Still Up Season 1 Episode 5 would come out.

Still Up Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date

The fifth episode of Season 1 of Still Up will come out on Friday, October 6 at 12 a.m. (PT) / 3 a.m. (ET). You will be able to watch the fifth episode with subtitles. Even though Apple TV+ hasn’t said how long each episode will be, based on the genre and how long the first three episodes were, we expect them to be between 25 and 35 minutes.

“Veggie Veggie Bing Bong” is the name of Still Up’s fifth episode, which might finally explain why Lisa is getting more and more uncomfortable with her relationship with Veggie. Will it also be the beginning of a relationship with Danny? We’ll just have to watch the episode to find out everything.

Where to Watch Still Up Season 1?

Still Up Season 1 is only on Apple TV+, so that’s the only place to watch it. This much-anticipated series looks like it will have a great story and great acting, making it a must-see for fans of thrilling drama. With Apple TV+, it’s easy to watch every episode, so you won’t miss any of the action.

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Still Up Season 1 Storyline

In each episode, a new layer of the characters’ pasts is carefully peeled back, revealing the complex web of connections between their lives and the long-buried secrets they had hoped to keep hidden forever. As the tension builds, new friendships form, old betrayals come back to the surface, and the characters are forced to face the inner demons they’ve been hiding for so long.

Still Up Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date

The series takes place in London and is about two people, Danny and Lisa, who live different lives in the same busy city. Danny is a free spirit, and Lisa is a woman who has a five-year-old child and a boyfriend named Veggie. They have a unique connection because they text each other late at night. Even though they come from different places, these honest friends in their thirties have built strong friendships by having open, heartfelt conversations that last until the early hours of the morning.

Each episode shows what happens over the course of a single night as Danny and Lisa continue to have private conversations that seem to be separate from the rest of their lives. During bouts of insomnia, their conversations go back and forth between dreamy haziness and strong emotions. This gives us a glimpse into a unique nighttime world that is usually hidden from view while we sleep peacefully in our beds.

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Still Up Season 1 Episode 5 Cast

  • Antonia Thomas
  • Craig Roberts
  • Blake Harrison
  • Rich Fulcher
  • Samantha Spiro
  • Lois Chimimba
  • Luke Fetherston

What Happened in Still Up Episode 4?

In the fourth episode of Still Up, Lisa went to a sleep clinic to try to get rid of her insomnia. Danny, on the other hand, is about to get a big career boost: he will be interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine in LA. When he tells Lisa this, she gets defensive and shows a little bit of worry. Since the two time zones are moving in opposite directions, she is sad that they won’t be able to keep doing what they do every night.

Lisa can’t sleep because of this news, and she’s always texting back and forth with Dr. Stafford from the clinic. She does her best to make sure Lisa is in the best place to sleep. But Lisa has much more important things to do. Danny’s preparations for the interview start out well. He can write almost four pages of an article that he wants to send to a magazine. But in one of the least likely things that could happen, Daisy, a dog that Danny is taking care of temporarily, deletes everything from his laptop.

Danny will be sorry he wasn’t more careful, since he didn’t save any of it. He sees it as proof that he isn’t right for the job. But the fact that his ex-girlfriend Chloe cheated on him with three other people makes things worse for him on that day and in the future. Lisa immediately regrets telling him this because she didn’t know Danny didn’t know anything about it.

Is There A Trailer For Still Up Season 1?

Yes, there is! Below is a trailer for Season 1 of Still Up.


Still Up Season 1 Episode 5 will air on October 6th on Apple TV+. The show follows two friends, Danny and Lisa, who live in London and have a unique connection due to their late-night texting. The fifth episode, “Veggie Veggie Bing Bong,” will explore the characters’ pasts and the complex web of connections between their lives. The series follows the characters as they face new friendships, betrayals, and inner demons. The fifth episode features a storyline that explores the characters’ private conversations during sleep and their relationship with Veggie. The show has a trailer available for fans to watch.

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