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Splitsvilla is a famous reality show on MTV India where young singles compete to find their perfect match and win the title of the ultimate couple. Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani are the hosts of the show. Anushka Mitra and Abhimanyu Raghav are the Villa Insiders. The first episode of the show aired on November 12, 2022, and it was filmed in Goa.

This season’s theme is “Isle of Venus and Isle of Mars,” and the contestants are put on two different islands based on their gender. Boys live on the Isle of Mars and girls live on the Isle of Venus. For them to meet, they have to win challenges and jobs that test how well they get along and how loyal they are.

There are 28 people competing, and some of them have been on other shows like Roadies and Bigg Boss OTT. Here are the players’ names and information for season 14 of Splitsvilla.

What is Splitsvilla?

Splitsvilla is a reality dating show about young men and women trying to get into Splitsvilla, a place where they can get away from the real world. Participants do tasks to stay in the race and get to know each other so they can find love. At the end of Splitsvilla, a pair is named the winner.

Splitsvilla Season 14

The theme of this season is “Isle of Venus and Isle of Mars,” and the contestants are split into two groups based on their gender. The girls live on the Isle of Venus, while the boys are on the Isle of Mars. For them to meet, they have to win challenges and jobs that test how well they get along with each other and how loyal they are.

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Details About Splitsvilla Season 14

Show Name MTV Splitsvilla
Season Auditions Season 14
Telecast Rights MTV India and Voot app
Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone
Starting Date of Audition
To be Updated Soon
Article Category Entertainment
Official Website MTV India / voot.com

Is Splitsvilla Scripted?

There is no clear answer to this question since different sources have different views and claims about the show. But here are some reasons for and against having the show planned.

Arguments for Splitsvilla being scripted:

  • Some of the contestants say that the show is planned and that the producers tell them what to do and say. For example, Uorfi Javed, who was a contestant on Bigg Boss OTT and Splitsvilla 14, said that she was asked to make up a link with Kashish Thakur on the show. She also said that she was asked to stir up trouble with other contestants and that she wasn’t happy with how she was portrayed on the show.
  • Some viewers have also said that some of the scenes and lines of conversation on the show seem forced and practised. They have also seen mistakes in the editing and consistency that make it seem like some scenes were shot more than once or were changed to fit a certain story.
  • Some watchers have also wondered if the tasks and challenges on the show are real because they seem to favour some contestants over others or cause fights that don’t need to happen. They have also questioned whether the voting and elimination process is fair because they think that some competitors are saved or eliminated based on what the producers want.

Splitsvilla Season 14

Arguments against Splitsvilla being scripted:

  • Some of the contestants have denied that the show is scripted and defended its truth. For example, Uorfi Javed said at first that she was told to lie about her relationship with Kashish Thakur. Later, she said that Splitsvilla is not scripted and that all the feelings shown on the show are real and raw. She said that before she started the show, she thought it was all planned out, but her opinion changed after she did it.
  • Some fans have also said that Splitsvilla is not written, but is instead affected by things like editing, production, ratings, sponsors, etc. They have said that these things might change how the show is presented or how the audience sees it, but they don’t change what really happens on the show.
  • Some fans have also said that Splitsvilla is an entertaining and interesting show that shows different sides of love, relationships, friendship, betrayal, etc. They have said that they don’t care if the show is scripted or not because they like the drama, romance, comedy, mystery, etc. that it has.

List of Splitsvilla Contestants- Girls

  • Sakshi Shrivas: She is a software engineer who has worked in MNCs like Google, Grofers, and Linkedin. She is also a talented dancer and actress.
  • Sakshi Dwivedi: She is an actress, a travel and fitness influencer, and a former Miss India finalist.
  • Shrea Prasad: She is the owner of Posh Nails and Lashes Salon and a fashion enthusiast.
  • Mehak Sembhy: She is a fitness freak, a travel vlogger, and a lifestyle and social media influencer.
  • Pema Leilani: She is an online content creator who posts beauty, lifestyle, comedy, and positive videos.
  • Saumya Bhandari: She is an FBB fashion model and a former Miss India contestant.
  • Hiba Trabelssi: She is a body double of Katrina Kaif, an actress, and a dancer. She hails from Morocco.
  • Akashlina Chandra: She is the owner of her own makeup brand and a beauty expert.
  • Oviya Darnal: She is a very popular digital content creator, influencer, and singer.
  • Soundous Moufakir: She is a model from Morocco who appeared in Roadies Journey in South Africa.
  • Kashish Ratnani: She is a fashion model and a fashion designer.
  • Prakshi Goyal: She is Femina Miss India Delhi 2022 and a law student.
  • Urfi Javed: She is a fashion designer, Bigg Boss OTT fame, style icon, and social media star. She entered as a wild card entry.
  • Moose Jattana: She appeared in Bigg Boss OTT and Roadies Journey in South Africa. She entered as a wild card entry.

List of Splitsvilla Contestants- Boys

  • Hamid Barkzi: He is the winner of Roadies Revolution and an adventure lover.
  • Sohail Shaikh: He is the founder of Sohail Fitness and a fitness trainer.
  • Dhruvin Busa: He is a digital creator, founder of Catch Events (an event management company), and an actor.
  • Joshua Chhabra: He is Gladrags Mr India, Top Model India Season 1, and an actor.
  • Tara Prasad: He is a model, dancer, and choreographer.
  • Honey Kamboj: He is an entrepreneur, actor, model, and singer.
  • Aagaz Akhtar: He is an actor, model, rapper, and dancer.
  • Shivam Sharma: He is an actor, model, singer, and guitarist.
  • Kashish Thakur: He is an actor, model, fitness enthusiast, and martial artist.
  • Samarth Jurel: He is an actor, model, cricketer, and engineer.
  • Rishabh Jaiswal: He is an actor, model, dancer, singer, and guitarist.
  • Justin D’Cruz: He is an actor, model, dancer, rapper, and beatboxer.
  • Amir Hossein: He is an actor, model, dancer, and singer. He hails from Iran.
  • Aradhana Verma: She is an actress, model, and dancer.

How Are the Auditions for Splitsvilla Done?

Splitsvilla is a popular reality show that helps people find someone to spend the rest of their lives with. The show is split into two parts. In the first, single people fight for the love of a group of people. In the second, the lucky couple is chosen from the single people who made it through the first round. tries out for the Splitsvilla.

Splitsvilla Season 14

You have to go to the casting call for Splitsvilla before you can try out for the show. Here is where you will need to send in a video of yourself and answer a few questions. You will have to go to Mumbai for an audition if you are picked. There, you’ll have to do different jobs and show off your skills in front of a panel of judges. If you are chosen, you’ll have to sign a contract, and then shooting will start.

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How Can I Enter Splitsvilla 14?

Splitsvilla 14 is now taking applications, so make sure to send yours in early. The last day to submit an application is March 5, so don’t wait! You can send your application online, or you can drop it off at any of the Vistara stores across the country that are taking part. Make sure to include your photo, bio, and a short movie of you answering some questions about Splitsvilla 14.

Splitsvilla Season 14

Once your application is complete, Splitsvilla 14 managers will get in touch with you to set up an interview. At the interview, you will be asked to dance and answer a few questions about what it was like to be on Splitsvilla. If everything goes well, you will be chosen as one of the finalists and have the chance to perform at the grand finish. So, don’t wait—apply today and start planning your dream Splitsvilla trip!

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In season 14 of Splitsvilla, the players have a variety of personalities, backgrounds, and skills. As they try to find the right match, they will face a lot of challenges, dramas, and twists. Who will be the best couple at the end of Splitsvilla X4? Find out by watching the show every Friday at 7 PM on MTV India.

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