Who is Sonnalli Seygall Husband? Wedding Bells Ringing for the Couple!

Sonnalli Seygall, the talented and charming Bollywood actress, has captured the hearts of audiences with her on-screen performances and infectious smile. While her professional achievements are well-known, many fans are curious about her personal life, specifically about her husband as she is about to marry her boyfriend Ashesh L. Sajnani. In this article, we will delve into the life of Sonnalli Seygall and shed light on her marital status and husband.

About Sonnalli Seygall

Before we tell you who Sonnalli Seygall’s husband is, let’s take a moment to look at her story in Bollywood. Sonnalli got her start in acting in 2011 with the hit movie “Pyaar Ka Punchnama.” She played Rhea opposite Kartik Aaryan. People liked how she did, and she soon became a well-known face in the business.


Sonnalli Seygall is an Indian actor who was born on May 1, 1989. Her first movie was Pyaar Ka Punchnama, which was directed by Luv Ranjan and came out in 2011. Rayo Bakhirta played Vikrant Chaudhary, and she played Rhea. Sonnalli was also in two movies that came out on the same day (16 October): Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 and Wedding Pullav. She was recently in a Thums Up commercial with Salman Khan.

Sonnalli Seygall Husband

She used to walk the runway before she chose to enter the Miss India Worldwide competition. She has been in music videos for a Canadian singer named Prem (Times) and for a band called Dr. Zeus. She has hosted live events for Reebok, Castrol, Indiatimes, Filmfare, Times of India, and Dadagiri (a reality show). She has also played at the Indian Embassy in Russia.

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Sonnalli was also the main character in Jai Mummy Di, a love comedy with Sunny Singh, Supriya Pathak, and Poonam Dillon that was directed by Navjot Gulati. The movie came out on January 17, 2020.

Who is Sonnalli Seygall’s Husband?

Ashesh L. Sajnani is a famous business owner who lives and works in India. He is involved in a lot of different businesses and has made a name for himself in the business world. Even though not many people know about his work, his link to Sonnalli Seygall has made fans and the media interested in him.

People say that the couple got married in a small wedding that kept their marriage out of the public eye. As private people, they have decided to keep a certain amount of privacy about their private lives.

Sonnalli Seygall Husband

Sonnalli Seygall and Ashesh L. Sajnani like to keep their personal lives private, but their relationship is clear from the things they post on social media and the times they show up together. They seem to have a strong bond and help each other with their goals.

Sonnalli Seygall continues to impress people with how good she is at playing, and Ashesh L. Sajnani is still an important part of her life, giving her love, support, and company.

It’s important to note that celebrities, like everyone else, have the right to privacy and room for themselves. Sonnalli Seygall and Ashesh L. Sajnani have decided to keep their relationship out of the public eye. This gives them a sense of normalcy in the face of all the attention from the media.

Their choice to keep their personal lives private should be accepted since it’s important for celebrities to find a balance between their public and private lives. Even though fans may be interested in the relationships of their favourite stars, it is important to remember that their happiness and well-being come first.

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As a conclusion, Sonnalli Seygall’s husband, Ashesh L. Sajnani, is still a private person who stays out of the public eye. Their relationship is a good lesson that famous people should still be able to have their privacy and choose how much they want to share with the public.

Sonnalli Seygall’s Wedding Wows

Sonnalli Seygall is about to marry her boyfriend, a hotelier named Ashesh L. Sajnani. A news website says that Sonnalli and Ashesh have been together for 5 years. On Wednesday afternoon, June 7, the two will say their wedding vows. People say that the event will be small and only include her close friends.


Sonnalli and Ashesh have already started having fun before their wedding. On Monday, they had a close mehendi event, which was attended by a number of famous people who are Sonnalli’s close friends.

Sonnalli Seygall Husband

The story also says that Sonnalli’s bachelorette party in early May was fun. The actress doesn’t want to talk to the press about her wedding or her friendship with Ashesh. She seems to have wanted to keep her romance a secret, and she wants her wedding to be a surprise for everyone.

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In December of last year, word got out that Sonnalli and Ashesh were dating. But they never publicly said that they were dating.

Sonnalli, who has also been in hit movies like Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 and Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety, was last seen in the lead part of Jai Mummy Di, opposite Sunny Singh.

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