Siren Season 4 Release Date: Expected Story, Cast and Where to Watch

Siren Season 4 Release Date: Everyone is hooked on social media because of Siren Season 4. Fans of Siren are looking forward to Season 4 coming out. Here is a list of everything we know about Season 4 of Siren.

“Siren,” a fantasy thriller from Freeform, is about a mysterious teenage mermaid named Ryn Fisher who tries to find her lost sister who is being held by the military in a small fishing village. Critics and fans alike liked Eric Wald and Dean White’s show when it first came out in March 2018.

The story starts when Eline Powell, a strange young woman, shows up in Bristol Cove, Washington, a small fishing town famous for its mermaid and merman traditions. She starts causing trouble in the community to find her kidnapped older sister Sibongile Mlambo. Ocean scientists Ben (Alex Roe) and Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola) work together to find out what or who pushed an ancient hunter from the deep sea to land.

Siren Season 4 Release Date

Siren Season 4 Release Date

There were ten one-hour episodes in Season 3 of “Siren,” which aired on Freeform from April 2, 2020, to May 28, 2020. One of Freeform’s most popular shows is this one. 13 percent fewer people watched the third season than the previous season. But even though the season had a small budget, it kept people interested with its surprising changes and beautiful images. After thinking about these things, we think that the network will likely continue the show for a fourth season. Freeform plans to show season 4 of “Siren” in 2024, whenever that year comes around.

Where to Watch Siren Series Online?

There are three seasons of the show “Siren” that you should watch if you haven’t already. If you have seen them, you should watch them all at once. You can watch the first three seasons of Siren on Hulu, along with all of its programs. To watch all three seasons of The Siren on Hulu, you must first sign up for an account with your email address.

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The Story of Siren Season 4

In Season 3, Ben has to deal with the effects of letting Ian die to save the lives of people he cares about. Tia, a cruel fairy, shows up in Bristol Cove, and Ryn finds out Ben’s dirty little secret. Hope, Ryn’s adopted mermaid daughter, is in danger of dying of suffocation at the hands of Tia, the evil sea witch who wants to destroy all humans and end their lives. Hunter takes Hope hostage to get away from Tia’s anger.

Siren Season 4 Release Date

To save people and Hope, Ryn, and Ben fight Tia and her mermaid groups until they die. As Xander’s health got worse, Maddie and Robb did everything they could to find a way out. The hybrids and Helen work together to get the people to calm down and get things back to normal. Ted gets the shock of his life when he learns that his son Ben has superpowers.

The end of the third season could be the beginning of the fourth season of Siren. People and merpeople may be able to work together to fix the damage that Tia and her group did to their land after the war is over. There’s a chance that Ryn will teach her daughter Hope how to stay safe when things go wrong. Ben can help Ted understand his own skills and gifts if he can help Ted understand Ted’s. In Siren season 4, the three will likely have to deal with a new threat.

The Cast of Siren Season 4

Eline Powell plays Ryn Fisher, a mermaid with a story to tell. Alex Roe plays Ben, the marine scientist, and Fola Evans-Akingbola plays Maddie, his girlfriend. Within a short time, Ryn, Ben, and Maddie all start dating more than one person. Rena Owen plays Helen Hawkins, a merfolk member of the family.

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Vodnyy Zver is played by Tiffany Lonsdale, Xander McClure is played by Ian Verdun, and Xander’s best friend is played by Curtis Lum. Along with Calvin, Kiomi Pyke plays Meredith, Aylya Marzolf Katrina, Sedale Threatt Jr. Levi, Millan Tesfazgi Cami, and Natalee Linez Nicole Martinez, there are many more actors who play important roles. Some of the main cast from season 3 may come back for season 4 of Siren. For Siren season 4, it’s possible to bring in some new people.


Siren Season 4 is set to air on Freeform in 2024. The fantasy thriller follows Ryn Fisher, a teenage mermaid, as she searches for her missing sister in a small fishing village. The show, which aired from April 2, 2020, to May 28, 2020, has a small budget but remains popular due to its surprising changes and beautiful images. The cast includes Eline Powell as Ryn Fisher, Alex Roe as Ben, and Fola Evans-Akingbola as Maddie. The fourth season may feature new characters and the main cast from season 3. Fans can watch all three seasons on Hulu.

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