Savitri Jindal Net Worth: Growth, Earning Assets, Real Estate and Business Entry

Savitri Jindal Net Worth: On March 20, 1950, Savitri Jindal was born. She grew up in the town of Tinsukia in upper Assam. She got married to Om Prakash Jindal in the 1970s. He started the Jindal Group, a steel and power company. A minister in the Haryana government and a member of the Haryana Vidhan Sabha from the Hisar district, OP Jindal did a lot of job.

Jindal became head of the government after her husband died in a chopper crash in 2005. She had nine children with him. That time, she was 55 years old. She discovered a whole new world and became a politician, a social worker, and a billionaire at a time when most people their age are planning to stop working or taking care of their homes.

Forbes says that the group’s businesses were split between their four kids, who now run them on their own. Her son Sajjan, who lives in Mumbai and runs JSW Steel and many other businesses, is in charge of the group’s most valuable properties. Naveen, the son who lives in Delhi, runs Jindal Steel & Power.

Savitri Jindal Net Worth

The Forbes Billionaires List 2023 says that Savitri Jindal, the head of the Jindal Group, is the richest woman in India. She is worth $25 billion and is the list’s grandmother. The Bloomberg Billionaire Index was used by the Economic Times this week to say that her net worth has grown by $9.6 billion just this year. Mukesh Ambani, on the other hand, saw his net worth rise by almost $5 billion, making it the biggest among Asians. In the last two years, the Jindal Group in New Delhi gained 87% of its value.

Savitri Jindal Net Worth

Jindal Group owns shares in JSW Steel, a company that makes steel, as well as companies that mine, make electricity, supply industrial gases, and run port facilities. It has grown by about $12 billion in value over the last two years. The Jindal Group is led by Savitri Jindal. It says that she is the 61st richest person in the world. This week, the 73-year-old’s net worth passed that of Wipro software mogul Azim Premji, whose fell to $24 billion.

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Savitri Jindal Net Worth Growth

It’s worth $9.6 billion more now than it was a year ago. She reportedly said, “women in the Jindal family stay in charge of the house while men take care of everything outside.” In 2021, when her net worth reached $18 billion, she went to 10 of the world’s most exclusive clubs.

In 2021, she was worth $4.8 billion. By 2022, she was worth $17.7 billion, and now she is worth $25 billion. In 2018, she was worth $8.8 billion. In 2019, she was worth $5.9 billion, and in 2020, she was worth $4.8 billion.

Savitri Jindal Earning Assets

JSW Group

As chairperson of the OP Jindal Group, which includes steel, energy, cement, and building companies, Savitri Jindal’s wealth comes mostly from the success of the group. In the past few years, the JSW Group has grown a lot. This is because of things like India’s high demand for steel and smart investments.

Savitri Jindal Net Worth

Listed Companies

Savitri Jindal’s wealth comes from a number of publicly traded companies in the JSW Group. These include JSW Steel, Jindal Steel & Power, JSW Energy, JSW Saw, and JSW Holdings. How well these businesses do has a direct effect on her net worth.

Non-listed Assets

The JSW Group owns more than just publicly traded companies. It also has a number of non-listed assets, such as JSW Cement and JSW Infrastructure, which builds ports, docks, and repair facilities. These assets also add to Savitri Jindal’s general wealth, though it’s harder to find out how much they’re worth.

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Savitri Jindal Real Estate Properties

Based on Wealthy Matters, Savitri Jindal owns farming land worth Rs. 49.42 lakhs in Raigarh and Maharashtra, a house in Hisar’s Urban Estate worth Rs. 74 lakhs, and a huge mansion on O.P. Jindal Marg in Hisar worth Rs. 24.71 crores. Another house owned by the Jindal family is in Delhi’s Lutyens Bungalow Zone. It costs a huge 150 crores.

Savitri Jindal Entry into Business

Without wavering, Savitri took on the job of Chairperson Emeritus of the O.P. Jindal Group and managed a large company that worked in steel, electricity, cement, infrastructure, and other areas.

Her kids ran the day-to-day business, but she made sure the group always succeeded with her close watch and direction. Her wisdom, shown by choices like going into green energy and health care, helped the group hit new heights.


Savitri Jindal, the head of the Jindal Group, is the richest woman in India, worth $25 billion. She is the list’s grandmother and has seen her net worth grow by $9.6 billion this year. The Jindal Group owns shares in JSW Steel, mines, makes electricity, supplies industrial gases, and runs port facilities. Jindal’s wealth comes from the success of the group, which includes steel, energy, cement, and building companies. She has also owned real estate properties, including farming land, houses, and a mansion. Jindal’s wealth has grown significantly over the years, with her net worth surpassing that of Wipro software mogul Azim Premji.

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