Sarkaru Naukari Movie OTT Release Date: OTT Platform, Storyline, Cast and Official Trailer

Sarkaru Naukari Movie OTT Release Date: The Sarkaru Naukari movie might come out in theaters on September 10, 2023. Even though there are many reasons to be against nepotism, famous families continue to produce new stars and heroines. Sons and daughters of comedians and singers are getting jobs in the movie business, and it’s not just those from big families. Akash, the son of the famous Telugu singer Sunita, is about to make his playing debut in the movie “Sarkaru Naukari.”

A few famous people went to the opening of Sarkaru Naukari in Hyderabad. Sunita’s husband, Ram Veerapaneni, was in charge of the first shot, and Raghavendra Rao gave the clap. Raghavendra Rao made an interesting change from actor to director with this movie. Under the name RK Teleshow, he is making this movie. The ad for Sarkaru Naukari’s first look, which is set in a rural area, just came out. Stay tuned for a while to find out more about the show.

Sarkaru Naukari Movie OTT Release Date

Sarkaru Naukari movie is possibly set to come out on September 10, 2023. Rural backdrop films like Balagam, Intinti Ramayanam, and Mem Famous have done well at the box office and are well-liked by audiences. This is because many big-budget films have bombed at the box office and cost filmmakers a lot of money, while rural backdrop films like these have done well and made a lot of money. Sarkaru Naukari looks like another interesting movie set in a country area. At first look, the focus on government jobs caught people’s attention.

Sarkaru Naukari Movie OTT Platform

The background music for Sarkaru Naukari was written by the skilled music director Suresh Bobbil, who has been working on movies one after the other. His most recent works were Malli Pelli, Sundari, Virata Parvam, etc., and the makers of Sarkaaru Naukari haven’t said anything yet about digital rights. After the movie comes out, we can expect to find out everything.

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What is the Plot of Sarkaru Naukari Movie?

The story is about a man who wants to work for the government. In the middle, he finds out about how rich people use corruption and bribery to get good jobs for their children.

Who is in the Cast of Sarkaru Naukari Movie?

The main characters are Bhavana Vazhapandal and Akash. The movie was made by Raghavendra Rao’s RK Teleshow. It was directed by Gangamouni Sekhar and had music by Sandilya Pisapati and a background score by Suresh Bobbili. Gangamouni Sekhar did the filming and Raghavendra Varma did the editing.

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Is There Any Trailer for Sarkaru Naukari Movie?

About Sarkaru Naukari Movie

Filming for Sarkaru Naukari, which started in February 2023, is now over. The movie is almost done being made, and its makers will soon announce when it will be shown in theaters. This comedy-drama is led by Gangamouni Sekhar, who is the director. Gangamouni Sekhar is known for his work as a cameraman on shows like CSI, Sanatan, Katha Venuka Katha, Panchatantra Kathalu, and Anukunnadi Okkati Ayyindi Okati. He is making his first movie as a director.

Sunitha is a famous singer in the Telugu language. She is now introducing her son Akash, who looks like the boy next door and seems perfect for the role in the new movie Sarakaru Naukari. He will make his first movie under the direction of the well-known director Raghavendra Rao. If Rao likes how he does, he may have a bright future in Telugu movies. At the moment, there is no information about when Sarkaru Naukari will be available on OTT, but we can guess that it will be after it has been in theaters for 45 days.


Sarkaru Naukari, directed by Raghavendra Rao, is set to release on September 10, 2023, in theaters. The movie, set in a rural area, stars Bhavana Vazhapandal and Akash, and is set to be released on OTT platform. The film follows a man who seeks government jobs and discovers how rich people use corruption and bribery to secure good jobs for their children. The filming process began in February 2023 and is expected to be completed by Gangamouni Sekhar, who has worked on shows like CSI and Sanatan.

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