Sanjeev Kapoor Net Worth: How Much Does Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana Earn?

Sanjeev Kapoor Net Worth: Sanjeev Kapoor is a famous cook, businessman, and TV host from India. His net worth is Rs 1000 Crore. Indians like to eat. We like to try different kinds of food, from food from roadside stands to food from hotels. With this in mind, this piece will talk about India’s celebrity chef, Sanjeev Kapoor, whose TV show “Khana Khazana” made us fall in love with food like no one else.

Even though Mr. Kapoor doesn’t have any Michelin stars, he is well-known in India and has a lot of fans. In the 1990s, he was everyone’s new matinee hero. Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor is a famous chef, business owner, author, and TV figure from India. He was born in Kuralu, Haryana, on April 10, 1964. The Institute of Hotel Management, Catering, and Nutrition in New Delhi gave him a diploma in hotel management.

Sanjeev Kapoor Net Worth

Sanjeev Kapoor’s business company is worth more than Rs. 1000 Crores as of today. It is thought that Mr. Kapoor makes about Rs. 25 Crores per year. So what does he make? His income comes from his share of Wonder Chef, restaurant chains like his popular “Yellow Chilly” restaurant chain, hosting TV shows, endorsing brands, and royalties from the sales of his books.

How Much Does Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana Earn?

Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana is thought to make about $300,28,000 a year. Many of Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana’s fans want to know how much money he makes. If we look at the last 30 days, Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana’s channel gets 5 million views each month and about 166,82,000 views each day.

If a station makes money through ads, it gets paid every time a thousand videos are watched. YouTubers can make between $3 and $7 per thousand views on their videos. Based on this information, we think that the ads on the Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana YouTube account bring in $20,02 thousand per month and $300,28 thousand per year.

Even so, $300,28,000 a year might be too low of a guess. Depending on how much Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana makes, ads could bring in up to $540,500 a year. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana probably has other ways to make money. There may be a lot more money coming in from things like sponsorships, affiliate fees, product sales, and speaking gigs than from ads.

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Sanjeev Kapoor Youtube Career

Sanjeev Kapoor is part of a group for the Ministry of Tourism. He spends his time between India and other countries by going to live food events and cooking demonstrations. The Sanjeev Kapoor Academy is an online school that was created to help people remember how much fun it is to cook for their families at home. It also encourages people to start food companies from their homes. They make sure to teach tried-and-true ways to cook each type of food served at the school.

Sanjeev Kapoor Net Worth

Sanjeev Kapoor also has a well-known channel on YouTube where he posts cooking videos every day. As of 2022, more than 7 million people follow his channel. Sanjeev Kapoor’s Youtube Channel Name is Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana. Sanjeev Kapoor makes movies about international recipes, seasonal recipes, and recipes that have been lost or forgotten. He tells stories and talks about the background of each Unique Recipe. He writes simple, to-the-point content about food and cooking that reveals interesting and unknown facts. His famous recipes include Curd Rice, Carrot and Sprout Salad, Green Masala Chicken Pulao, Apple Halwa, and many more.

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Sanjeev Kapoor has made a name for himself in Indian food by owning 59 restaurants, running his own food channel called FoodFood, writing over 150 cookbooks, putting more than 10,000 recipes on his website, and feeding thousands of healthcare workers free meals during the pandemic.

Sanjeev Kapoor Biography

Indian chef who has won awards and has worked in more than 50 places in eight countries. She has sold more than 10 million cookbooks all over the world and is on FoodFood, a 24-hour food program. Kapoor was born in April 1964 in Ambala, and he grew up in a number of towns in north India.

In 1984, he got a Diploma in Hotel Management from the Institute of Hotel Management Catering & Nutrition, Pusa, New Delhi. This was his first job in the hospitality business. Kapoor is married to Alyona Kapoor, who is also a partner in his business, Turmeric Vision Pvt. Ltd. (TVPL). Haryana is where he was born, but Delhi is where he grew up. He married Alyona, and their two children are named Kriti and Rachita.

Sanjeev Kapoor is an Indian cook, entrepreneur, and TV personality who was born on April 10, 1964. Khana Khazana is the longest-running show of its kind in Asia. It airs in 120 countries and had more than 500 million watchers in 2010. In January 2011, he also started his own Food Food program. Through its Indian branch, Discovery Communications has bought a majority share in Kapoor’s channel.

Sanjeev Kapoor Personal Life

Sanjeev Kapoor’s Wife’s name is Alyona Kapoor. The way Sanjeev Kapoor met Alyona was through her older sister, Vandana. At the Delhi ITDC Hotel, Sanjeev and Vandana worked together. Alyona happened to be working nearby at the time. She chose to go to Vandana’s house while she was on vacation. On her way to Vandana’s house, Alyona met Sanjeev for the first time on the train.

Sanjeev Kapoor started to like Alyona as soon as he met her for the first time. As they got to know each other better, they started getting together more often. Over time, they got closer to each other and ended up having an affair.

Even though they are only a few years apart, the pair is very close. Before they got married, Sanjeev and Aloyna were together for four years. In October 1992, Sanjeev Kapoor married Aloysa. The couple is lucky to have two sweet children. The older daughter was Rachita, and the smaller one was Kriti.


Sanjeev Kapoor, a famous Indian chef, businessman, and TV host, is worth over Rs. 1000 Crore. He is known for his TV show “Khana Khazana,” which has become a popular destination for Indians to try different food types. Kapoor’s income comes from his share of Wonder Chef, restaurant chains, hosting TV shows, endorsing brands, and royalties from book sales. His YouTube channel, Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana, has 5 million monthly views and 166,82,000 daily views. He also runs an online school called Sanjeev Kapoor Academy, which teaches cooking methods for families and encourages starting food companies.

Kapoor has a well-known YouTube channel, FoodFood, and has sold over 10 million cookbooks worldwide. He is married to Alyona Kapoor, who is also a partner in his business, Turmeric Vision Pvt. Ltd. (TVPL).

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