Sandeep Bhaiya Release Date on TVF: What is the Story of Sandeep Bhaiya Season 1?

Sandeep Bhaiya Release Date: A spin-off of TVF Aspirants called Sandeep Bhaiya is coming to the TVF website soon. Sunny Hinduja, who everyone loves, will play the famous part of Sandeep Bhaiya in this web series. TVF just put out the trailer for the web series and said when it will be available. Here is everything you need to know about the TVF web series Sandeep Bhaiya.

Sandeep Bhaiya Web Series Release Date

Sandeep Bhaiya web series will come out on the TVF app on June 30, 2023. The web series is a spin-off of the TVF Aspirants, which is scheduled to return with a second season in 2023. In the web series, Sunny Hinduja will play the title part.

TVF Announces Sunny Hinduja as Sandeep Bhaiya Character

In TVF Aspirants, Sandeep Bhaiya, who was played by Sunny Hinduja, got a lot of love and respect. Now, on June 30, he will get his own series on YouTube.

When TVF Aspirants came out on YouTube in 2021, one figure got a lot of attention. Abhilash Sharma, played by Naveen Kasturia, is the main character who tries to pass the UPSC entrance exam. Sunny Hinduja’s character, Sandeep Bhaiya, who also tries to pass the exam, also became famous. On Monday, the show’s creators stated that Sunny’s character will have a spin-off series that will start on YouTube on June 30.

The Plot of Sandeep Bhaiya Web Series

The people who made TVF Aspirants knew how important it was to make a new show about the beloved character played by Sunny Hinduja, because it really hit home with viewers when the show first came out during the lockdown time. One of the best things about the show is that it shows the real lives of people who want to get into the UPSC.

Sandeep Bhaiya Release Date TVF

It gives a true and honest picture of the problems and struggles that candidates face as they study for the test. The show shows how hard people work to prepare, how much pressure there is to do well, what they have to give up, and how much it hurts their mental and emotional health.

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Also, it shows how hard it is for many hopefuls to make ends meet because some of the characters have to work part-time jobs. The characters in the series stand out because they are all well-rounded and have their own personalities. The Sandeep Bhaiya web series will pick up where the TVF Aspirants left off with Sandeep Bhaiya’s life.

Sandeep Bhaiya Web Series Cast

Sandeep Bhaiya Web Series Official Trailer

About Web Series on Sandeep Bhaiya

After the TVF Aspirants character Sandeep Bhaiya became popular, the creators decided to make a separate show about him. Monday was the day that the trailer for the web series called Sandeep Bhaiya came out. It tells the story of Sandeep’s life, from his childhood in Prayagraj to his struggles with the UPSC entrance exams and how he prepared for them. The first episode of the video series will air on YouTube on June 30.

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About Sunny Hinduja

Sunny is best known for the TV and movie roles he has played. Sunny’s breakout part, along with Sandeep Bhaiya’s in TVF Aspirants, was as Milind, a RAW agent and Srikant Tiwari’s (Manoj Bajpayee) sidekick in Raj & DK’s spy series The Family Man on Prime Video India.

Sunny also had small parts in the 2019 cop movie Mardaani 2, which starred Rani Mukerji, and the action movie Shehzada, which starred Kartik Aaryan. He was also in the Prime Video India premieres of the web shows Rasbhari (2020), which starred Swara Bhasker, Inside Edge, and Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare, which starred comedian Zakir Khan.


Sunny Hinduja will play Sandeep Bhaiya in a web series based on the popular TVF Aspirants character. The web series will premiere on the TVF app on June 30, 2023, and will follow Sunny’s life from childhood to his struggles with UPSC entrance exams. The series will showcase the real lives of candidates and their struggles, including mental and emotional health issues. Sunny Hinduja, known for his roles in TV and movie series, has also appeared in the 2019 cop movie Mardaani 2, the action movie Shehzada, and the Prime Video India premieres of web shows Rasbhari, Inside Edge, and Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare.

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