Samay Raina Net Worth 2023: How Much Does He Earns Per Month?

Samay Raina Net Worth: Samay Raina’s YouTube account has 491 thousand subscribers, which shows how popular it is. It has been around since 2013 and is in India. Everyone wants to know the answer to one question: how does Samay Raina make money? Samay Raina is the only one who knows for sure, but here’s what we think.

Samay Raina Net Worth 2023

Samay Raina is worth about $16.5 million, according to estimates. Samay Raina has a net worth of about $16.5 million, according to figures from various sources. The exact amount of Samay Raina’s net worth is secret. The view on our website is that Samay Raina’s net worth is about $16.5 million. However, Samay Raina’s final net worth is not known to the public.

The $16.5 million figure is only based on how much money YouTube makes from ads. This means that Samay Raina’s net worth could be a lot more. Samay Raina could be worth closer to $23.1 million if you take into account these other types of income.

How Much Does Samay Raina Earns Annualy?

Samay Raina makes about $4.12 million a year, according to estimates. Each month, more than 68.74 million people watch videos on the YouTube channel Samay Raina.

If a YouTube account is monetized, it makes money by serving ads. YouTube channels can make anywhere from $3 to $7 for every 1,000 times a movie is watched. Based on these numbers, we can guess that Samay Raina makes $274,970,000 a month, or $4,120,000.00 a year.

Even so, $4.12 million a year may be too low. Depending on how much Samay Raina gets, ads could bring in as much as $7.42 million a year. Samay Raina probably has other ways to make money. Influencers can sell their own goods, get paid by sponsors, or get affiliate commissions.

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Samay Raina Monthly Income

Samaye Raina makes about $2500 a month, which is about 2.5 Lakhs in INR. He makes most of his money from stand-up comedy, YouTube, and brands.

Samaye Raina has made friends with chess giants like Grandmaster Anish Giri, Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, Grandmaster Vidit Gujrati, Grandmaster Surya, Grandmaster Nihal Sarin, and International Master Sagar Shah. These are the top 50 chess players in the world, according to FIDE.

Samay Raina Net Worth 2023

Samaye Raina started the channel in lockdown because he had nothing to do and was free. Samaye Raina makes a big change in his life, and that makes a big change in his life. Abish, Anubhav Singh Bassi, Aakash Gupta, Zakir Khan, and Munawar Faruqui are some of his best comic friends.

Samaye Raina had even played chess with the best player in the world, Magnus Carlsen, and GM Vishwanath Anand, an Indian chess hero. Samaye Raina reached this goal more quickly. Samaye Raina had studied printing tech.

Samaye Raina, a well-known COB comedian, is on board, where many other well-known comics are also on board. The winner of COB 2021 is Samaye Raina. Munawar Faruqui had also been asked to join Samaye Raina’s shows. In Indore, where he did stand-up comedy, he used some words that led to his famous dispute.

Samay Raina Cars Collection

Samaye Raina has a lot of well-known friends, such as Yuzvendra Chahal, Raftaar, and a lot of IMs and GMs. Samaye Raina was also found out by a friend whose song, “Bewafa Samaye,” went popular. Bewafa samaye was also spammed by his friends and viewers in chat.

Samaye Raina just bought a Red Honda city. His dream is to buy a gold card, which we know he will do one day. He used his own money to buy this card. He worked hard and bought things from himself.

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Samay Raina Controversy

Munawar faruqui was arrested after the son of a BJP MLA made a police report on him. This is not the first time this Bjp government has nabbed a comedian. Bjp government didn’t do enough to stop the spread of cholera, so many lakhs of people have already died. Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan have all done a great job of controlling.

Today, the BJP uses religion to get people to vote for them. If you look at the state of hospitals, you will cry. There isn’t any air. Bjp hadn’t built any hospitals with high-tech equipment. They never put money into hospitals, air plants, or other things like that.

They spend money on a 3000 crore statue and a 2000 crore new chamber. One comic even said that his whole life has changed because of this. He is still dealing with the memory of being arrested because people in this society judge very quickly.


Samay Raina has a net worth of $16.5 million and earns $4.12 million a year from YouTube ads, stand-up comedy, YouTube, and brands. He has made friends with top 50 chess players. Samaye Raina is a well-known COB comedian who has made a big change in his life, including studying printing tech and buying a Red Honda city. He was arrested after the son of a BJP MLA made a police report on him.

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