Sam Armytage’s Sickness and Health: Is She Expecting a Baby in 2023?

Sam Armytage’s Sickness and Health: Armytage is an Australian journalist and TV host who is known for his work on the Seven Network show Sunrise.

Samantha was a well-known co-host of Sunrise on the Seven Network from 2013 to 2021, where she worked with David Koch.

She had co-hosted Weekend Sunrise and given the 4.30 News on Seven before that. Sam Armytage, who is also known for presenting “Farmer Wants a Wife,” went on Instagram to talk about the last episode of the show.

Armytage thanked the fans and everyone who helped make the show happen. She also said that the season was a success.

She showed off her clothes and thanked the people who did her hair and makeup in a series of photos from the show.

One picture showed a hint of how hard it was to film, and another showed Sam, her partner Richard Lavender, and their dog Banjo watching the final episode.

The post came after the 13th season of the show when all five farmers found love, which was a first.

Now, the makers are constantly looking for people who want to be on the show in the 14th season.

Also, the “Farmer Wants a Wife” website has put out a call for single farmers and possible partners looking for love.

Update on Sam Armytage’s Sickness and Health

Sam Armytage is doing well and is in good health right now. But she has had different health problems in the past.

In 2020, she took a long break of five weeks because of the coronavirus. She did this because she had gotten sick with lung sickness after the bushfires and wanted to be extra careful.

Given that she was 43, some people in the business world wondered how long it would take for her to get better.

In 2021, Armytage said that she had been away from the radio because both of her parents were in the hospital.

Her mother has an auto-immune disease that has now spread to her heart, and her father had a stroke and is now getting better.

Sam Armytage's Sickness and Health:

Armytage said that her father was strong and on the way to getting better, even though his left side was paralyzed.

Also, her health was checked in November 2022 because she had a headache and a sore neck, so she went to the doctor just to be safe and got a diagnosis.


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Sam Armitage: Is She Pregnant in 2023?

In 2023, no, Sam Armytage is not pregnant. In June 2020, Sam Armytage told her boyfriend, Richard Lavender, that she was getting married.

On December 31, 2020, they said their wedding vows privately in the Southern Highlands.

Armytage became a parent to Lavender’s two girls from his first marriage when he married Armytage. She and Richard don’t have any kids yet.

Armytage was born to parents named Mac and Elizabeth. Charlie is the name of her younger brother.

Sam grew up on Bolaro Station, a sheep farm in New South Wales near Adaminaby. Her father was the station manager there.

Armytage’s family tree goes back to George Armytage, an early British farmer in Australia who got into a fight with the Aboriginal people who lived there.

Sam Armytage's Sickness and Health:

She went to a boarding school in Sydney called Kincoppal-Rose Bay when she was in the ninth grade, and then she went to Charles Sturt University.

In 1999, Armytage started her work in the media as a news reporter and host at Canberra’s WIN Television.

After that, she got a job as the top political reporter at Sky News Australia in 2002.

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