Saavi Ki Savaari 8th April 2023: Nityam and Saavi Meet in the Counselling Meeting

“Saavi Ki Sawaari” is an Indian drama series that first aired on Colors TV on August 22, 2022. It is in Hindi. In the episode, Nityam tells Raksham that he wants to change the counseling date, but Raksham says that they can’t because the court set it.

Nityam is confused about why Raksham and Saavi have come into his life. Raksham tells him that life has given them a second chance and that Nityam must go to the counselor meeting no matter what.

Saavi Ki Savaari 8th April 2023: Nityam and Saavi Meet in the Counselling Meeting

Saavi tells Manav that she can’t wait for the two hours a month that she gets to spend with Nityam in the counselor’s office. Manav asks her what Nityam thinks of it. Saavi says that it’s likely that Nityam wants to avoid the meeting with the counselor. Manav asks her if it makes her feel bad.

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Saavi says she’s a little sad, but seeing Nityam makes her happy. Manav then asks her what she plans to do after the divorce. Saavi breaks down and says she doesn’t know how she will live. She asks him not to tell anyone. Manav tries to make her feel better and tells her to try to impress Nityam, but she says no.

Saavi Ki Savaari 8th April 2023: Nityam and Saavi Meet in the Counselling Meeting

Then, Manav says that he doesn’t understand why Saavi still loves Nityam. She tells him that he has to love someone to understand. She even suggests that he should find a girl. Manav tells her she is there for him, but she chases him playfully. The next day, Nityam got in the elevator, and Saavi ran towards him holding a file.

She tells Manav that Nityam gave her a smile today. But Nityam sees them together and shuts the door to the lift. Saavi walks into Counselor Vinita’s office and says hello. Nityam tells Vinita that he wants to stop going to counseling because it doesn’t help. Vinita says to Nityam that he has to go to the meetings.

Nityam tells her he wants a divorce and doesn’t understand why the court is taking so long. Vinita thinks that if they spend time apart, they might fall in love again. Nityam asks her if she thought he and Saavi loved each other. He thinks about Saavi and Manav and wonders if their relationship has changed.

Nityam tells Saavi that she is changing when she asks him what happened to him today. Even though she doesn’t like nail polish, he points out that she put it on. Saavi says she started doing things just for him, and it turned into her dream. Nityam tells Vinita that he wants to get a divorce. Vinita tells him that they still have three months, and if things keep going this way, they will get a divorce. Nityam says “Thank you” and walks away.

Later, Manav calls Saavi and tells her to go to a place he told her about. He then hangs up. Kiran finds out from Nityam that he wants Manav to help him. Kiran lets Nityam know that Manav also turned down their second offer. Nityam asks Kiran to give him the address for Manav.

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Manav shows Saavi his tutoring center and tells her that this is only the beginning. Saavi tells him how happy she is for him, and Manav suggests they have a party. All of a sudden, Nityam shows up.

Saavi Ki Savaari 8th April 2023: Nityam and Saavi Meet in the Counselling Meeting

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