Rules Ranjan OTT Release Date: OTT Platform, Storyline Cast and Trailer

Rules Ranjan OTT Release Date: The Rules Ranjan film debuts in theaters on October 6, 2023. In addition to Rajavaru Ranigaru and SR Kalyanamandapam, Kiran Abbavaram has a new romantic comedy titled “Rules Ranjan” After a lackluster box office performance with his most recent film, Sammathame, the actor is seeking a great comeback to prove his marketability.

Rules Ranjan OTT Release Date

The team behind Rules Ranjan has not yet shared information about the movie’s digital rights. The movie is set to release on October 6, 2023. On Kiran Abbavaram’s birthday, some sneak peeks and first looks at his movies were made public. Sri A.M. Ratnam, who used to be one of the biggest names in the business, has backed Rules Ranjan, which has made it a hot property. Once filming is over, the crew will let everyone know when the OTT release will happen. While you wait, we’ll let you know about the latest movie news as soon as we hear from the directors.

Rules Ranjan OTT Platform

In honor of Kiran Abbavaram’s birthday, the Rules Ranjan crew put out a first-look poster showing how the actor looks in the movie. The movie seems to be mostly about love, with some funny and interesting ideas thrown in. As of now, the movie’s team has not announced the release date. As soon as they do, the page will be updated with that information. In the meantime, stay tuned for more news.

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What is the Story of Rules Ranjan Movie?

The romantic comedy Rules Ranjan is about a young man named Mano Ranjan (Kiran Abbavaram) who breaks the rules. He gets into a lot of tough situations, but he always finds a way out. One day, Mano Ranjan meets Sana (played by Neha Shetty), a young woman who is the exact opposite of him.

Rules Ranjan OTT Release Date

She follows the rules and always tries to get Mano Ranjan to change how he acts. When Mano Ranjan’s tendency to break the rules gets in the way of his relationship with Sana, it puts their love to the test. Will Mano Ranjan change how he acts to make the woman he loves happy?

Rules Ranjan Movie Cast and Crew

What to Do Veenala Kishore and Neha Shetty also play lead roles in the movie. Rathinam Krishna, who wrote and directed the movie, is behind the camera. Amresh Ganesh is the composer, and M Sudheer is in charge of the art. The movie is being paid for by Star Light Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and Sri Surya Movies.

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About Rules Ranjan Movie

Kiran Abbavaram, Neha Shetty, and Vennala Kishore are all set to star in the upcoming Telugu romantic drama Rules Ranjan. Rathinam Krishna was in charge of making the movie. The movie has been approved by the central board of film certification and has been given a “U/A” certificate. Here you can find the Rules Ranjan movie OTT Platform, digital rights for streaming online, the Rules Ranjan Movie OTT release date, and the Rules Ranjan Satellite rights to a TV Channel.

Rules Ranjan Movie Trailer

Rules Ranjan Movie Satellite Rights

In as little time as possible, after the movie comes out in theaters, everyone can’t wait to watch it on TV at home. The movie’s producer will give a TV channel the satellite rights to show the movie on TV. Soon, there will be news about the Rules Ranjan movie satellite rights. We are soon going to let the official channel know that they have the satellite rights to stream the Rules Ranjan movie on their site. A lot of advertising will happen before the satellite comes out.


Kiran Abbavaram stars in the romantic comedy Rules Ranjan, set to release on October 6, 2023. The film follows Mano Ranjan, a young man who breaks the rules and meets Sana, a woman who follows the rules. The movie is directed by Rathinam Krishna and stars Veenala Kishore and Neha Shetty. The film is being funded by Star Light Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and Sri Surya Movies. The movie has been approved by the central board of film certification and has received a “U/A” certificate.

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