Rick and Morty Season 8 Release Date and Streaming Guide: Is Rick and Morty Season 8 Confirmed?

Rick and Morty Season 8 Release Date: In January 2023, Adult Swim picked up Rick and Morty for an eighth season, along with the seventh, ninth, and tenth seasons. Fans want to know when the eighth season will come out, even though Season 7 doesn’t come out for another month. You can find out when Rick and Morty Season 8 comes out by reading this list of information we have so far.

Will There Be Rick and Morty Season 8?

Rob Schrab, who writes the show, said in May 2022 that work had started on an eighth season of Rick and Morty, which was more than a year before the seventh season came out. It was proven in June 2023 that the whole series had been written.

Producer Steven Levy said this about the show’s length: “What’s happened in a decade is crazy.” Everyone on the show is shocked at how long it’s been going. In this business, most of the time, three or four seasons is enough to make you happy. It’s amazing how Rick and Morty went from being a niche show on Adult Swim to having fans all over the world. It’s really amazing.”

Rick and Morty Season 8 Release Date

There is still no clear date set for when season eight will be out. But the last three seasons came out about a year apart, so it’s likely that the next one will come out in the fall of 2024. In the US, the show will air on Adult Swim, and in the UK, it will air on E4. You can now watch all of Rick and Morty’s seasons 1 through 6 online on Channel 4. You’ll be able to watch shows from season 7 there soon after they air on E4.

Where to Watch Rick and Morty Season 8?

Rick and Morty Season 8 should air on Adult Swim by 2024. Fans can probably watch Season 8 on Hulu and Max, just like the first six seasons and the seventh season that is coming up.

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What Will Be the Story of Rick and Morty Season 8?

Since there’s been no news about Rick and Morty Season 8 coming out soon, here’s a summary of Season 7. At the same time, the Adult Swim intro had a small link to what Rick had said before. Rick is making something on his computer when Morty goes into his grandpa’s room. “Any progress?” Morty inquired.

Rick and Morty Season 8 Release Date

“I found the version of me that killed my wife, you just missed it,” Rick said right away. It sounds like the end of the world, but Rick is finally going to deal with his trauma: losing his wife.

Rick and Morty Season 8 Returning Cast

Rick and Morty usually have guest stars or different versions of the main characters and the Smith family in each season. However, the main stars of the sci-fi show will probably be back for all future seasons. On Rick and Morty, Chris Parnell plays Jerry Smith, Spencer Grammer plays Summer Smith, Sarah Chalke plays Beth Smith, and Space Beth Smith plays Beth Smith.

There’s also a small chance that you might see Kari Wahlgren as Jessica, whom Morty dated in high school on and off, Brandon Johnson as Mr. Goldenfold, and Keith David as the President. The biggest question right now is who will voice Rick and Morty after Justin Roiland, who has done so since the show’s launch in 2013. It looked like the new voice was in the official trailer for Season 7 of Rick and Morty, but the name hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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Is There Any Trailer For Rick and Morty Season 8?

Rick and Morty Season 7 was confirmed on the show’s official X/Twitter account, which also stated that the new season will start on October 15, 2023, and air every week at 11 a.m. EST.

It’s still not clear what will happen with Rick and Morty Season 8. At the moment, you can watch the official video for the next season below:


Rick and Morty, a popular sci-fi show on Adult Swim, is set to release its eighth season in 2024. The show, which has gained global popularity, will likely air on Adult Swim in the US and E4 in the UK. The cast will include Chris Parnell as Jerry Smith, Spencer Grammer as Summer Smith, Sarah Chalke as Beth Smith, and Space Beth Smith as Beth Smith. The show’s return cast includes guest stars and the Smith family. The show’s official trailer for Season 7 was confirmed, with the new season set to air on October 15, 2023.

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